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May 03, 2004

IQ vs. Gore voting?

Matthew Yglesias points me to this interesting table that plots IQ, income and Gore/Bush voting of each state. I don't have time to comment in detail on this, but if you read The Almanac of American Politics, you'll note that it's a long time observation that the Democratic party has a bimodal educational distribution, while Republicans tend to have one mode in the center of the spectrum. A few years back I trolled through exit polls on CNN's AllPolitics site and found weird things like that John Kerry did better among the higher income brackets against William Weld (the popular liberal Republican governor of Mass. in the 1990s) when the latter challenged Kerry for his Senate seat. In contrast, in places like Alabama, there was an extremely strong skew toward the Republicans as one moved up the income quartiles. The moral is that be cautious of national generalities in a polity of ~300 million.

Update: As suggested by some readers, the above table is a hoax. From Steve Sailer:

Somebody probably got the idea from Lynn & Vanhanen's book and made up some numbers by starting with the income table (that's why the correlation with IQ is so high). The goal, obviously, was to make Democrats feel superior.

The funny thing is that this hoax will be the first time that any liberals will have ever heard of IQ and the Wealth of Nations, which is probably the most important book published in this century.

Update II: Steve Sailer has some real data that is topical.

Posted by razib at 05:00 PM