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July 12, 2004

Race, Crime, and College

This blogger has caught Sen. Kerry in a lie about African Americans being more likely to be in jail than to be enrolled in college. Never satisfied with other people's research, I went through the Census tables and found some other interesting facts.

While it is true that African Americans have a higher college enrollment rate (6.8% total AA pop) than incarceration rate (2.7% total AA pop), they are also more likely than the general population to be enrolled in college (6.1% total pop) and more likely than a white person to be enrolled in college (6.2% total W pop). In fact there is only one other group more likely to be enrolled in college (Asians at 12.8%). I wonder if some reporter is going to catch Kerry in this fib and ask him about those other stats that show blacks are doing very well in America.

Unfortunately, the census had no comprable tables for Jewish-Americans so I could not directly compare their enrollment rate.

Update II
Now if Kerry had said that there are more African Americans in jail than in graduate school that would have been a truthful, if intellectually dishonest statement. ;)

Posted by scottm at 11:02 PM