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July 15, 2004

Yet another internet quiz

This one from slate determines if you are more blue or red state. My major problem with this one is they should put an "I don't know" option, since I did not know about 40% of the questions. I mean, what the heck is the Big 12?

I think there is a strong bias in this quiz of making "blue state" the difficult to achieve ideal. First, when I was graded, I came off as slightly into the red and the comment was a subtle insult "time to come in out of the sun" (redneck). Also, I know next to nothing about NASCAR, country music, or sports and I don't shop at WAL-MART, but because I have "fired a gun" (should be "own a gun") and drive a car, I'm a redneck to these people. A lot of my most liberal friends/co-workers have at one time in their youth, hung out with their rural cousins and shot cans with a 0.22. Even though they moved to the city and worked hard at purging all "redneck" culture and becoming a good liberal, because they have that black spot on their political soul they can never be the "perfect" liberal.

Posted by scottm at 04:42 PM