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November 02, 2004

Two isn't a trend...yet

Scott forwarded me this article, Dutch Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh Murdered (he is descended from Vincent Van Gogh). The reason, he was making films that were negative in their portrayl of Islamic culture(s). Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali apostate, scripted the particular film. The killer seems to be of Moroccon origin.

Clear facts that are easy to emotionally attach to like this are the seeds for visions of Eurabia. One or two killings can have a chilling affect and change the climate of a whole culture. So, have I flipped on whether Eurabia is likely? Well, I talked to a Dutch friend of mine in University, and asked him if he had ever met a person of Moroccan origin in his classes. He thought about it and mentioned one girl, who was rather atypical in many ways (she was a classic nerd). To me, this is a hint that the future is apartheid, if current trends continue. Two killings (first Pim, now Van Gogh) is not a trend, but it is really hard to maintain a sanguine assimilationist perspective in the face of ideologically motivated murders. Final assimilation might be inevitable if current conditions are maintained, but facts like this on the ground can throw up a wall between cultures that prevents the solvation of a minority in a majority. Since the minority culture in question is economically parasitic on the majority, the future looks bleak.

Addendum: Of course, if you read the articles about Van Gogh's recent films, they are quite clearly blasphemous and insulting to Islam. But, that's the breaks of Western culture, especially the Netherlands. Or is it??? At least "secular fundamentalists" aren't killing Muslims for rejecting liberal values. Death by law rather than blade.

Update: Rally in The Netherlands.

Update II: 8 Islamists arrested.

Posted by razib at 09:43 AM