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November 07, 2004

Netherlands awakening

Van Gogh murder backlash begins (via VFR). When you defer payments that need to be made, the final reckoning builds. We most certainly do not live in Leibniz's most perfect of all worlds, scarcity and constraints are facts of existence, and the Dutch must now deal with a Muslim underclass that has been given succor at the teat of their welfare state and allowed to flourish by the neglect of the Dutch elite. The more and more I examine the issue, I can not think that there can be any long term solution to the "problem" of northern Europe's Muslim underclass than the reassertion of the primacy of the native culture, because the Muslim underclass culture is not self-supporting, but lives by feeding off the majority's economic productivity (Muslims who assimilate by definition opt out of the underclass subculture, and within a few generations their lines might "disappear" into the population). It is plausible that dual national cultures can be maintained, as in Canada or Belgium, but in these cases there is relative economic parity (I am aware that at one point Quebec was relatively deprived, and that Flanders and Wallonia have switched roles in the past few decades in terms of economic dynamism, but both these disparities are trivial in comparison to what I speak of).

Posted by razib at 10:02 PM