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November 17, 2004

Funny (?) anecdotes

Today was a little stressfull in the real world of work. And seeing as how we are serious all the time, I thought I would offer some funny stories about my family to puncture the mood (mine if not yours).

My mother's father died in his 100th year. His aunt lived to around ~115 (my family ostentatiously avoids close monitoring of birthdays because Hindus keep track of these things for astrological reasons and Good Brown MuslimsTM must D.W.H.W.D.TM [Do What Hindu's Wouldn't Do]). The way she died was kind of funny. She was always preoccupied with making dinner by herself, and in her old age sometimes she insisted on handling everything if there wasn't any heavy lifting involved, usually desserts. So, one day she shooed everyone out of the kitchen and set about making a sweet-meat of some sort. She took a little more time than usual, so my mother was sent in see what was up. Of course, as you might have guessed, she was keeled over and dead. I don't recall if anyone found the sweet-meats palatable.

Another story, one of uncles is a "born again Muslim." He's a member of a missionary order, though his "day job" is as a geology professor. He is making sure his kids get the Islamic education he didn't get. So, my cousin is a good student, and one of the kids at the madrassa was jealous of him because he always set the curve (or something to that effect). Now, this isn't like the cloistered madrassa I've talked about, he was free to come & go as he pleased, etc. One day a bunch of kids, including his rival, jumped him. They kidnapped him and held him hostage for a week. They insisted that my uncle give them a big ransom, and the police were hinting that they would need a big bribe to find who did what to my cousin. My uncle is rather high up in the Tableegh order and talked to a few people and soon the cops had the fear of Allah up their ass and rescued my cousin. The kids poisoned him with something, so he needs to visit the doctor a lot. He plans on going to Al-Ahazar, but my uncle says the Arabs have gotten too new fangled and is against it (my uncle expresses opinions that are very similar, bizarrely, or not so, to those of my New Agey neigbhors here in Imbler). My cousin's rival was kicked out of the madrassa.

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