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November 30, 2004

NAACP President steps down

Reports about President Kweisi Mfume will be stepping down from his position, and that the organization will be looking for a new for a new candidate. Callers at C-SPAN have offered their views; Jesse Jackson, Barak Obama, Julianne Malveau, Colin Powell etc. Save for the last one I think each of them would be horrible, and Colin would not work since his close relationship to the Bush administration. In the Extended Entry I give my choice.


First, Bill would not give the paranoid set of the left all the theories for failure in the black community they thrive off of (HIV-AIDS is a biological weapons created by whites, crack cocaine was sold in the black communities by the CIA, etc.). Second, he would take the focus of the black voice off of hand-outs and set asides, and recenter it on making the community itself emphasize education, discipline, and responsiblity.

But I have little doubt it won't happen. The black "leadership" have made a lot of money and garnered a lot of power running on the victim myth.

Posted by scottm at 05:58 AM