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June 02, 2005


The Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence has found a journal. It will be published by The Journal of Biosocial Science. Here is an article in The Economist. The New York Times may be publishing something before long.

Update from Razib: Now in The New York Times. Pinker responds mildly positively, though he seems slotted in more as a color commentator. Andrew Clark (of Hartl & Clark) does not seem happy. Interestingly, the non-scientist interviewed (a historian) isn't screaming (yet).

Update from Arcane: Now UPI has picked it up, via the Washington Times... Hat tip: Drudge Report

Update from Razib: You can follow the blog commentary with this technorati query. Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan both noted it today...so the information is out there. GNXP readers who have absorbed the full paper might want to correct some misimpressions of those who don't seem to have read the hypothesis in the original, Greg & Henry can't be everywhere.

Update again from Razib: One thing I noticed, almost all the weblogs reference the summaries in the popular press of the journal article, could GNXP readers please put a link in the comments box of weblog entries that don't have it to the original piece? (I've noticed a few GNXP regulars have done that on some blogs already) It would answer many of the questions and objections people are bringing up....

Update from Jason M: Lots of great reactions from across the Net. Razib, who writes for David Horowitz's Moonbat Central, samples some reactions from Right-of-Center. Meanwhile, the gracious honcho at Metafilter did me a solid and put up my post, because the system won't let a newby post until a week after membership. Metafilter is a Left-of-Center community site that I've read for some time which tends towards mannered and intelligent discussion, and this entry provides no exception. Perhaps surprisingly there appears no predictable political reaction with equal parts uneasiness and general HBD positivity across the spectrum.

Technorati has more. Sullivan, Reynolds, and all the rest.

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