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June 13, 2005

Pale and dark

Steve's new column is a must read, titled "Blondes Have Deeper Roots," it surveys the evidence that males prefer lighter-skinned females. But the most interesting part to me is when Steve asked which of these faces is male or female:

Well, the one of the left looked female and the one on the right male, to me...but Steve says the only difference between the two is coloring! One note, in the comments, please be careful to distinguish between your personal preferences and human universals, when it comes to aesthetics there is an annoying tendency for everyone to assume that their own introspective conclusions and impressions are the human modal value.

Note: In Survival of the Prettiest Nancy Etcoff asserts that there is a positive correlation between high estrogen levels (ergo, fertility) and light skin in females. This has obvious implications for male selectivity within a population.

Posted by razib at 12:59 PM