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July 05, 2005

Killing democracy softly

Just another brief report from the front lines in the never-ending struggle against free speech.

The following sentence from a personal e-mail to an elected official will get you indicted for "hate speech" in Sweden:

"I demand that you take part of the money that you and your damn sosse*colleagues spend on 'criminal Mohammed' in Rosengård and spend them on our swedish retirees instead"

as will:

"...cease your huge subsidies to all damn darkies in Malmö"

The question is only at what point the term "democracy" becomes a misnomer for political systems that systematically use the power of the state to suppress a certain competing ideology or viewpoint.

For more thoughts on the matter, here are a couple of posts on the subject from a while back:

"The slippery slope is real"

"Off to the Catacombs?"

*: "sosse" = "social democrat" = ruling party in Malmö and Sweden.

Posted by dobeln at 11:08 AM