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July 05, 2005

No more posting for a bit....

This is for GNXP posters, I need to figure out if there will be a bug fix for MT soon, or if I will have to switch to other blogware, so for the next few days don't post.


Update: I'm keeping an eye out for any good static file generating blogware out there. My wariness with dynamic sites is that every page load can entail a database call, and this often results in crashes of MySQL databases (the site is getting a lowbound value of ~4500 page accesses per day, and I say lowbound because Sitemeter tends to always give far lower numbers than software which has direct access to one's logfiles). I do have a VPS account on backup, but I am trying to keep my technical hours on this site as low as possible and that would be more difficult if I switched to a host where more power and responsibility devolved to me.

Update II: If there isn't a bug fix within the next few days, I'll probably switch to Grey Matter.

Posted by razib at 02:09 PM