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July 18, 2005

Second front: Rise of the GNGO:s

I have previously covered the main front in the struggle against freedom of speech in Europe – hate speech laws. Now it’s time to move on to another, more low-profile phenomenon: The Governmental Non-Governmental Organization, or GNGO for short.

The GNGO is a tax-payer-funded organization, set up by the government to promote a specific policy, or point of view.

Sweden has naturally been at the forefront of this effort to snuff out incorrect thinking. Using organizations such as “Flicka”, “Centrum mot Rasism”, and “Forum Syd”, the government has been able to:

- Criticize magazine publishers who publish incorrect, sexist material. (On huge subway billboards, no less...)

- Fight the menace of racist ice cream.

- Promote Global Jihad, as well as a deeper understanding of (often misunderstood) North Korea and Cuba.

Now however, it appears that the GNGO:s have hit a spot of trouble. It has been revealed that the aforementioned “Centrum mot Rasism”:

- Has done preciously little, except for running up large hotel and restaurant bills.

- Has been taken over by representatives of the ruling Social Democrats and the Greens.

- ...carried out the aforementioned attack on racist ice cream mostly as a ploy to cover up their own inaction.

Only time will tell if this will stem the tide of governmental non-governmental organizations attempting to snuff out incorrect thinking. I sort of doubt it.

Posted by dobeln at 11:55 PM