Admin post II

I know that the site is slow…. A few points.

Mozilla/Netscape is faster since it doesn’t wait for all the data packets to be received before outputting the page. In other words, IE tends to wait until every packet is received, so it takes a million years.
Bloggers on GNXP, the HTML page itself is rather a large file (around 160 K right now) sans images, etc. We need to reduce the size. We can do this by using the “extended entry” field more! Also, we should nest our images into this field as well. This isn’t a hard & fast rule, use your judgement, but the proliferation of text is part of the problem.
I am switching webhosts this month-I already have a new account

Also, Aziz has my second post up on India & Islam & devil-oops, Hinduism, up 😉

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