Kapu: Charles Murray on Race, Sex, and Intelligence

I’m off the computer until this evening, but Commentary has Charles Murray’s September issue article The Inequality Taboo up on their website now, available for reading.

Update from Dobeln: The most interesting thing about this essay is not the text itself – it’s a wrap-up, with no new revelations. Rather, it’s the fact that it got linked by blogging powerhouse Instapundit. This in turn indicates that the Instapundit is a card-carrying member of “the stealth consensus”. Something tells me unorthodox ideas will be harder to squelch in the Internet era…

more inside

Jason M. Adds: Who’s listening?

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(I’ll probably do this with the Lynn study news too, which seems to be generating a lot of talking)

Rikurzhen: remembering the 90s – Mainstream Science on Intelligence – signed by 52 experts, Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns – from the American Psychological Association

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