Death walks the streets

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This href=””>article tells of a hospice in South Africa where women die of AIDS. 25%-that is the percentage of South Africans who have HIV. Of course, very few whites have AIDS. It seems that it is doing what the Afrikaner governments could not, slow down the growth of the black population. Of course, if the percentage of blacks begins to drop because of AIDS, I have no doubt that the semi-literate masses incubated in the townships will erupt in genocidal violence against the white middle & upper class that seems to be immune from the scourge.

The strangeness of it all is that black Africa’s most sophisticated political elite is turning a deaf ear to the problem. If authoritarians like Musveni in Uganda can affect behavioral change and mitigate the spread of the epidemic, what prevents a Democratic elected government from doing so? (Senegal has been able to combat the spread of HIV and it is a democratic state, so that can not be the problem)


  1. Razib,
    Do you have a passcode for the NY Times? They seem to have erased mine.

  2. Perhaps the black elite is turning into a Brahman-style caste that is genetically distinct from the
    underclass it rules. But I’m sure that elite black African men exploit low-class women sexually, so they
    might change their tune on that.

  3. Well, duende, do you see Haiti??? this country have a division in caste, where the mulatto elite governs on
    the poor black people (cimarrones)…

  4. In the Carribean, the lightest mullattoes would run the nation, but in African countries? Sure, mixed-race
    people might be overrepresented in top positions, but ALL of them?

  5. A couple of things. One, I recently learned that 10% of all Caucasians have a gene that gives them
    immunity to developing AIDs. This is the same gene that gives immunity to the plague. Two, for any
    soccer fans out there, World Cup 2010 is expected to be held in South Africa. I bet it’s not going to

  6. Razib,

    Check this out:

    Key findings of Nelson Mandela/HSRC Study on HIV/AIDS


    “The infection rate among whites was 6.2%. This is considerably higher than countries with
    predominantly white populations such as the US, Australia and France, where prevalence amongst whites
    is less than 1%. Prevalence among Coloured people was 6.1% and among Indians, prevalence was 1.6%.”

    (Coloured means mixed race)

  7. Hmm, is the infection rate for Indians in S. Africa higher than for Indians in India? I guess the
    underlying theory is that a large black population is a bad influence. Are these whites and Indians getting
    HIV from blacks?

  8. Don’t hold your breath, Razib, as much as you wish it would happen, black people in Southern Africa are
    not going to disappear from the face of the Earth. On the other hand, considering the current mayhem
    and poverty in Bangladesh, that group of black people just might perish.

    The NYT banned a nasty little pesk of a racist? Bravo! Anyone who would blame proximity to black
    South Africans for white South Africans’ high AIDS rates does not deserve a membership. This fool is
    almost as good an example of racism as a mental illness as Razib.

  9. I assume that “a nasty little pesk of a racist” is me. You don’t seem to have been here long enough to have
    gotten a feel for the philosophy of this forum, but none of the bloggers or the consistent followers (such as
    me, Steve Sailer, Diana, etc.) hate anyone or want to curtail anyone’s civil rights. We reserve our true
    contempt for white media figures who refuse to admit the truth, not for blacks. We would raise black IQs
    if we could. We would create a Flinstone vitamin to get rid of AIDS if we could. But we don’t think that
    lies help, and if only on this forum if not in our daily lives, we want to be able to discuss these things
    freely. If this upsets you so, you are free to leave.

  10. Duncie, if you want to raise someone’s I.Q., start at home. Nothing you have posted reveals even average
    intelligence. You are just another loser trying to raise himself above others by latching on to racism.

  11. I’ve seen no racists here. I have seen at least one name-calling troll who is obviously out of his depth in a
    roadside puddle.

  12. Ditto for the echo.