Death walks the streets

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This article tells of a hospice in South Africa where women die of AIDS. 25%-that is the
percentage of South Africans who have HIV. Of course, very few whites have AIDS. It seems that it is
doing what the Afrikaner governments could not, slow down the growth of the black population. Of
course, if the percentage of blacks begins to drop because of AIDS, I have no doubt that the semi-literate
masses incubated in the townships will erupt in genocidal violence against the white middle & upper class
that seems to be immune from the scourge.

The strangeness of it all is that black Africa’s most sophisticated political elite is turning a deaf ear to the
problem. If authoritarians like Musveni in Uganda can affect behavioral change and mitigate the spread
of the epidemic, what prevents a Democratic elected government from doing so? (Senegal has been able to
combat the spread of HIV and it is a democratic state, so that can not be the problem)


  1. Razib,
    Do you have a passcode for the NY Times? They seem to have erased mine.

  2. Perhaps the black elite is turning into a Brahman-style caste that is genetically distinct from the
    underclass it rules. But I’m sure that elite black African men exploit low-class women sexually, so they
    might change their tune on that.