Now that’s a response

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You have to read how Ward Connerly responded to those who attacked him after he stated “segregation need not be racist.” Thanks to Joanne Jacobs-you should check out her blog, lots of interesting pieces.


  1. “I’m not going to apologize — tell them to go to hell,” is exactly the way these spoiled, arrogant, brazen students should be answered. That was my opinion when I was in college, and it’s my opinion now. Finally, someone is doing it! Bravo, Ward Connerly! There should be more like you, sir!

  2. Finally a conservative with some balls.

    Now why are they all black? I’m speaking of Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, and Ward Connerly? (Yes, I know, Connerly is not a “pure” conservative. Shit, who cares?)

  3. nor is he pure black. i believe he’s 1/4….

  4. Heh. I thought more like 1/2, but he’s definitely “high yellow”


  5. Mr. Connerly is a veritable Tiger Woods of mixture (very bottom).

    I used to get a lot of grief from others when I would argue from the cultural (!) realist school to explain the achievement gap. I guess any explanation other than pure white oppression is hate-speech. One of the odder aspects of that insinuation is that the intellectual fire-power for the cultural realist school is almost entirely black. (Sowell,Steele,McWhorter,Ogbu,etc.)
    Perhaps that is due to, what razib calls, ‘racial bona fides’ that gives them greater societal access to explore certain questions. It’s pretty clear that any Anglo politician expressing Connerly’s opinions would have been driven from office by the archetypical torch-wielding Left-coast mob, long ago. The irony of this phenomenon (i.e whiteness somehow deligitimizing right-wing opinion) is that Repubicans become the biggest supporters of Affirmative Action… at least in its de facto form. It’s almost certain that the awaited ‘First Black President’ will be a Republican.

  6. Ok….this chick is black??

    I guess I SHOULD have checked the box. sheez.


  7. Ok….this chick is black??

    No, dude…she’s a mixed folk.

    What’s amusing to me is that, male model, Tyson Beckford, and fashion designer, Kimora Lee Simmons both have West African black fathers and East Asian mothers, but he looks completely black, and she looks completely asian.



  8. David –

    Have you ever seen any of the “black” sitcoms on UPN? Those chicks are whiter than I am! (at least the ones that are portrayed as “middle class” – the secretarties are darker skinned…)

  9. Why does Jason use the vile term “Anglo”?

    Say that to an Armenian, Basque, Italian, Slav or Greek, much less someone from the Levant (Lebanon), and watch him go ballistic. It’s just as ludicrous as calling Mexicans “Hispanics.” They are Amerindian or mestizo, other than the wealthy, racist, white elite.

  10. Why is the term “Anglo” vile? I grew up on the US/Mexican border, and all us gringos were “Anglos” (or “guerro”). Perhaps it is regional.

  11. “Gueros” or whites americans in Mexican Spanish

  12. I was being glib, Roger. Would you prefer I use the term cracka’?

  13. I never knew Tyson Beckford was half Oriental. He is always being held up as the paragon of African beauty. Maybe Oriental groups should showcase him for their own ends. He could pass for ‘pure’ Black though- easily.

    Kimora- when I first saw her, I assumed she was pure Oriental. When I found out she was part Black, I guess I could see more of the Black features- that I was deliberately looking for, however. Quite hot and a sick body.

    “Have you ever seen any of the “black” sitcoms on UPN? Those chicks are whiter than I am! (at least the ones that are portrayed as “middle class” – the secretarties are darker skinned…)”

    The fact is that TV executives wouldn’t promote these shows if they didn’t sell- to a large Black audience. If this audience likes seeing Blacks represented this way, it suggests all the more the favored phenotypes within their community.

  14. Can anyone name one example of a half Oriental, half Black combo whose father was Oriental?

    I heard that half Oriental dude from the defunct series Forgotten Son (was Jet Li’s young antagonist in ‘Romeo Must Die’, too) was dating a Black chick, but that is all I came up with.

  15. rae dawn chong’s father is half-white half-chinese, mother is black….

  16. Black and Oriental Asian romance and dating /friendship meeting point =) Please come and join us :)