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Dr Watson girds for battle

“It’s elementary.. dear Sherlock”, so said Dr. Watson to the cloned super-detective. “It seems unfair that some people don’t get the same opportunity. Once you have a way in which you can improve our children, no-one can stop it. It would be stupid not to use it because someone else will. Those parents who enhance […]

Mr. Rogers passes

Fred Rogers is dead.

Great Latino Hope

Dahlia Lithwick gets all worked up over the food fight that characterizes the Miguel Estrada nomination. Why are well meaning liberals always surprised when their utopian intents become the instruments for bloody ethno-politics? Also, I find it interesting that Lithwick focuses on Estrada’s skin color, because if his last name was Tucci or Milano instead […]

China, odds & ends

Ikram Saeed asks: I would agree that China is less diverse than India, but it is still extremely diverse. And south China is the most distinct region of all, with several unintelligible “chinese” languages. Are Chinese emigrants disproportionately from the south? US and Canadian Chinese populations arise largely from southern China. The only country I […]

Out of this country

Here are some thoughts on North Korea from the always illuminating Randall Parker. The manifesto of this blog to go where few have gone before. So I stay away from foreign policy because it is so done. That being said, Randall is a smart guy who tends to look at things from a different perspective […]

Go read Calcutta Libertarian (I’m old school, yo, keep it Anglicized :)

Suman, who sometimes posts in these parts, has a great piece over at his blog about being and immigrant and America and how easy it is to become one. I’ll add this little observation: I know many white liberals criticize this country and would prefer to leave for the genteel and open-minded lands of Europe. […]

Hong Kong blood & breeding

“Hong Kong Moves to Raise Birth Rate and Draw Richer Immigrants“, can you imagine American papers reporting anything similar for this country without an aura of doom & gloom? No doubt, if this story wasn’t about Hong Kong-there would be a lot of ink spilled on the possible negative effects on minorities & the downtrodden […]

If it were so-if only….

I just had a fantasy that I lived in a world where the empirical data indicated to me that all populations of humanity were equally endowed with the same frequency of a variety of handy phenotypes. Ah, what a world it would be! Politics would be much simpler-broad axioms would be much easier…. So-a question, […]

Yo colored-a derivative isn’t authentic and true to your culture

Joanne Jacobs pointed me to this article on something called “ethnomath”: Ethnomathematics has a few parents, but most observers trace its formal birth to a speech given by the Brazilian mathematician Ubiratan D’Ambrosio in the mid-1980′s. Now an emeritus professor of math at the State University of Campinas outside S-o Paulo, he explained his thinking […]

Introducing Me

I’m Grady. I’m a molecular biology graduate student at Tulane University and I write at CoffeeBlog. Razib has invited me to contribute a little to the site, and I expect to be able to do so on an infrequent basis. Now I get to be called a racist too! Woohoo!

HIV vaccine & race

Article from Wired: The overall expected rate of infection was not reduced in the high-risk people who volunteered to take the vaccine, VaxGen said late Sunday. However, the expected infection rate for the 314 black volunteers who received the vaccine was reduced by 78 percent — a finding the researchers said was unexpected. The rate […]

THE BELL CURVE & the blogsphere

I’ve been working & dealing with the fact that my laptop fried this weekend (getting used to working my clunky desktop back up until I can get the laptop situation figured out). So I’ve missed out on the big debate that sprouted this weekend about THE BELL CURVE & racism and IQ and all that…. […]

Genes interact WITH environment

Why does it always have to be one or the other? I bring this up now because you will see it more and more often rearing its head in the strangest of places. At the Center for the Advancement of Health they are finding evidence, though it isn’t interpreted as such in the article, for […]

Of things brown

I’m going to try & cut down the brown orientation of this blog a bit-but going out in flames-Eric Lien of Mixed Asian points out that Mahathir Mohammed had an Indian Muslim father (also, the article linked notes that his ex-protege Anwar also has Tamil ancestry and is married to a woman of partial Chinese […]

Cultural comparisons?

I’m reading Mathematics from the birth of numbers by Jan Gullberg [1]. Here is an interesting note in the section on combinatorics: Our story is a variation of the “no so chance” Ludus Sancti Petri, or Saint Peter’s Game, known from medieval times- typically a shipt was struck by a heavy storm and, to lighten […]

The Black Gender Gap

Newsweek has an interesting piece up on the growing black gender gap-as women go to college and enter professional fields at higher rates than men. Shocking statistic, 47% of black women between 30-34 have never been married (compared to 10% of white women). Well, if you assume the axiom of sameness this is something that […]

Know thine enemy….

Just read Native American scholar Vine Deloria’s Evolution, Creationism and other Modern Myths. This is what I read on the jacket: “Deloria takes Western science and religion to task….” The knives were already sparking on the stone before the first page was cracked, but I was surprised by the book, I have many criticisms to […]

Sex ratio at birth by country

Check out this page that clumps countries according to the ratio of male:female births. Some notes: Japan has a ratio of 1.05, China 1.15, which seems to be the East Asian spread. The Japanese prefer girls and unlike other East Asians seem to have successfully discouraged gender selective abortions. The South Asian nations have sex […]

Goin’ to India and I’m gonna get maaaarried

The Sunday Post Magazine has an article about arranged marriages for American South Asians. For the non-South Asians at Gene Expression (there are must be at least 2 or 3 of us) it will be educational. My thoughts: 1. Says a meddling aunt “Character is something we can see a little better than youngsters do”. […]

Critique of IQ & Wealth of Nations

Steve Sailer points me to this critique of IQ & Wealth of Nations. Long.