Introducing Me

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I’m Grady. I’m a molecular biology graduate student at Tulane University and I write at CoffeeBlog.

Razib has invited me to contribute a little to the site, and I expect to be able to do so on an infrequent basis. Now I get to be called a racist too! Woohoo!


  1. They did tell you that all new GNXP contributors have to post pictures of their bare asses to the site, right?

  2. welcome, man.

  3. He sure did, but I’m going to have to wait until the redness from the gnxp tattoo goes away first.

  4. Welcome, Grady! How does it feel to be an official Loathsome Racist(tm)?

  5. Yay, another actual science person! Grady is what it’s all about! Good first post too.

  6. Jacqueline, yours is in the mail.


  7. ok, the swelling has gone down. Here it is. Do not click this link. I’m warning you….you could be scarred for life(like me).

  8. Welcome, Grady. Though since he is in New Orleans maybe he should just flash his nipples instead.

  9. Ah, you don’t happen to know a Justin Hanover who graduated last year from Tulane as a Molecular Biology undergrad, do you?

  10. Welcome aboard Grady

  11. I don’t know many undergraduates, but there is someone in my program who did his undergraduate at Tulane, so I’ll ask him. You’re talking about yourself, right?

  12. No, unfortuantely I’m referring to a different Justin, a friend of mine. Just curious if you knew him.

  13. Ha ha! Can’t fool me! I already know better than to click on a link with “” anywhere in it!