Of things brown

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I’m going to try & cut down the brown orientation of this blog a bit-but going out in flames-Eric Lien of Mixed Asian points out that Mahathir Mohammed had an Indian Muslim father (also, the article linked notes that his ex-protege Anwar also has Tamil ancestry and is married to a woman of partial Chinese extraction). Mahathir, along with Lee Kwan Hew is one of the few politicans to address human biodiversity, so is it any surprise he’s a “brother” :) Mr. Lee might be too, who knows (via his Malay ancestors)? Of course, that would probably make him rather nervous and queesy. Also, Sister Norah wins a bunch of grammies!

Peace out.


  1. What’s up with all this talk about Tamils lately? They seem to be getting a fair amount of attention for an ethnic group that makes up only 1/20 of India’s population.

  2. I’m going to try & cut down the brown orientation of this blog a bit

    Why? Browns, despite composing ~1/6th (1/5th?) of the world’s population, are a group that we non-browns know very little about. It’s good to get some news about people from the subcontinent and its surrounding areas.

  3. Part of the Tamil focus comes out of Razib’s Tiny-Tamil-Penis story. “Tiny-Tamil-Penis” — the phrase is so catchy it ought to be in a musical.

    “Do, a deer, a female deer”
    “Penis, a tiny tamil penis”
    “Ray, a name I call myself”

    More seriously, the bimodal wealth/success distribution is interesting in itself. And then the Tamil diaspora is large enough that most any grad student knows a tamil or two. The same can’t be said for Oriya-speakers.

  4. the more we talk about this-the more it seems obvious that talking about “indians” just doesn’t make sense. not only is each ethnic group different, within ethnic groups there are strong caste differences (bengali brahmins for instance are WAY over-represented in the diaspora compared to say namasudras i would guess).