Mr. Rogers passes

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Fred Rogers is dead.


  1. It isn’t a beautiful day in the neighborhood today.

  2. I never missed a show when I was little.

  3. This is OT, but I thought you would enjoy this job listing. Apparently, the practitioner has his very own take on the nature/nurture debate….

    Personal assistant to DNA healer

    Part time. Apply if you are:
    an experienced blessed being of highest integrity & devotion to spirit who is mature, very computer savvy, detail oriented, fast/accurate data entry, self-motivated, pleasant phone manner, optimistic focus, prof. attitude, desire to be around healing & work as assistant to a healer involved with transformation. Must live very near Santa Monica. Call: 310 915 2884 and leave your name, number, astrological data and the reference Craig’s List.
    Pay: $10/hour on 1099 basis.

  4. What kind of person wouldn’t be at least a little upset at this news. . .

  5. *Tear drop* I’ll miss Trolley. However, don’t most of Darwin’s wolves believe that only those gifted with high IQ, blond genes are special?

  6. No.

  7. Jason,

    To be honest, I don’t see that anyone on Gene Expression (in my fairly long tenure) has declared that people have worth beyond the market value of their brains, labor or sexual desirability and the genetics that give them these traits. Sure we believe in civil rights, that everyone has the right not to be raped and killed, but where has anyone here declared that people have intrinsic worth independent of their market value?

    That’s all.

  8. Duende,

    It sounds as though you are confusing two different perspectives of ‘worth’, and underplaying the more important one. I think you are making the same mistake as Not Dead Yet, by confusing the undesirability of traits with the undesirability of individual people*. Every human is “special” in that every one has an equal individual right to dignity, before the law and before men. People are valued because they are people, and for no other reason.* This ethic is necessarily presupposed. So in that, I believe GNXP has always put a measure of worth on humans that transcends IQ, beauty, etc. In fact it was Razib and Godless’ classical liberalism that, I believe, was the most important fundamental of the website; the primary thing that allowed race differences to be discussed scientifically and humanistically in a public forum for maybe the first time ever.

    *Or what is commonly interpreted as “a soul”. Something I imagine you would be sympathetic to.

  9. I seem to be one of the few people here who believes that we exist in the context of anything BESIDES law, men and nature. But I’ve chosen to surround myself with godless scientists, so I guess them’s the breaks.