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Chinese censorship

I know that I have at least on regular reader in mainland China which means that GNXP is not blocked. John Jay Ray wants people to pass on the following info: MY “CHINA” BLOG The Chinese seem to have become really serious about internet censorship in recent months. They re-blocked Blogspot some time ago and […]

English proficiency highest among migrants’ children

Obviously we in Australia are doing something right despite our official Multiculturalism policy: Teenage children of migrants have better language skills than their classmates, while students who have spoken English for less than four years have higher literacy rates than Aboriginal students, according to statewide test results. The English Language and Literacy Assessment (ELLA) results […]

Technology & England

Ben Sheriff forwarded me a link to an article he wrote on neo-Luddite fears of technology by Prince Charles. Of course blogger permlinks aren’t working, so go here and search for “Posted 11:52 PM” and you should get to it. I’m not sanguine about technological disasters-but rather than worry about disasters-to-come we should prepare to […]

African-American ancestry

Steve Sailer reports on the search for the genetic ancestors of African-Americans. An interesting snippet: He told UPI that he found, “My female line goes back to Northern Nigeria, the land of the Hausa tribe. I then went to Nigeria and talked to people and learned a lot about the Hausa’s culture and tradition. That […]

To respond to “Genetic weapons”

Jdt in the comments brings up some issues with genetic weapons that I’d like to address because they contain common misperceptions: 1) A bioweapon targeted at a specific ethnic group wouldn’t necessarily require “gene variants that are ONLY present in particular ethnic groups”.–Yes it would. Otherwise you’re just as likely to slaughter your own people […]

Kill ‘em before they cause trouble

Economist Steven Levitt has won the prestigious John Bates Clark medal in economics. Levitt’s most famous co-written paper is The impact of legalised abortion on crime: We offer evidence that legalized abortion has contributed significantly to recent crime reductions. Crime began to fall roughly 18 years after abortion legalization. The 5 states that allowed abortion […]

White chix

David Yeagley has an article over at Bad Eagle titled White Women Savior: But today’s white women savior brings a softer touch. She brings the comfort of the New Age philosophy, which idolizes traditional Indian ways. She brings the financial support from communists who aggrandize Indian failure for subversive, anti-American purposes. She confirms the Indian […]

Evolution blogs

Jason Malloy has a post on the message board asking about “evolution blogs.” Please submit your recs & choices. Posted by razib at 05:49 PM

Conscious Blindness

Steve Sailer & Jared Taylor are getting into it over the Racial Privacy Initiative (RPI) over at VDARE. Sailer supports it and Taylor opposes it. GNXPers have various opinions on this topic-I know godless is on the same side on Taylor on this issue while I tepidly back Steve (and tend to justify my position […]

Plagues of the 20th century….

non-SARS related disease post. Paul Orwin (back from blogbattical) posts on epidemiology (permlinks not working, go to “Morbidity and Mortality, and Counting the Dead”) in response to this Yglesias post lambasting some dude I don’t know for arguing for sodomy laws to discourage homosexuality because of the AIDS connection. One thing Orwin asks: There are […]

Rapper’s against the gold standard

Read the lyrics for the new Nas single “I Can” and you’ll see he opposes the gold standard…. (cool to hear wholesome stuff from a rapper, but the Afrocentric junk is kind of kooky) Update: Anyone else notice the Christinization of modern rock??? This group Evanescence claims it’s not Christian but check out the lyrics […]


Thanks again to everyone who welcomed my introductory blog. I am planning to post a series of notes discussing various issues of culturalevolution, altruism, group selection, and so on. Here is the first. I hope this will provoke both critical and constructive comments, including references to empirical and theoretical studies I have overlooked. Analogies are […]

Genetic Weapons

Ok, I’m going to comment on the genetic weapons post because, well, I’m a card-carrying Molecular Biologist. (Although now I’m converting into a Capitalist, and hopefully soon, a Plutocrat–my new boss says he’d like to convert me to paid, full-time by July:) (knock on wood) A genetic weapon targeted to a particular ethnic group is […]

Born to be bad

John Jay Ray points me to this abstract titled Physical Aggression and Expressive Vocabulary in 19-Month-Old Twins. Interesting excerpt: …A modest but significant correlation (r = -.20) was found between physical aggression and expressive vocabulary. Substantial heritability was found for physical aggression…. The heritability part for physical aggression is not surprising-generations of pussies beget pussies-but […]

soc.history.what-if & blasts from the past

I used to be a participant in soc.history.what-if a few years back (especially 4-5 years ago) and wrote up the “Manzikert Timeline” with Andrew Reeves. I saw a referral from this blog which has links to SHWI participants that I haven’t thought of in a while! I know Ikram Saeed remembers me from SHWI and […]

Minority Rule in Argentina

Names of the main presidential candidates in Argentina for the election on the 27th: Ricardo Lopez Murphy, Néstor Kirchner & Carlos Menem. Irish, German and Syrian last names in a country of Spaniards & Italians by origin (with some indigenous contributions of course).

Mein Fatherland

Normally I don’t see the point of posting the results of the online tests, but I found this Which Country of the World are You? quiz on Zack & Amber’s blog and the result was kind of funny & oddly predictable: Germany -Despite a controversial recent history, it has had a tough and powerful history. […]

SARS & Genetic Bombs

OK, away from the race-wars, toward some health/genetics related topics. Randall Parker has another SARS post up. I’ve basically started ignoring most analytical SARS stories and just bug Randall to post on it ;) Also, this week’s print edition of The Economist has a bunch of SARS articles. I quickly cut & pasted the ones […]

The Creator Race: was McKibben celebrates stagnation

From Razib: I’ve decided to post this topic to siphon away some of the comments from the topic below. Additionally I invite others who have accounts on the blog to append their opinion/statement. We are a collective blog, but our opinions are not! So a few points…. How many “civilizations” are there? I believe there […]

Flame warriors

Check out this very amusing taxonomy of personality types one encounters on the Net. Here are two types we’re all very familiar with: Ethnixis an extremely powerful Warrior who effectively exploits his minority status and the general nervousness about race to gain advantage in battle. Ethnix deftly wields his ethnicity and can instantly shift from […]