Minority Rule in Argentina

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Names of the main presidential candidates in Argentina for the election on the 27th: Ricardo Lopez Murphy, Néstor Kirchner & Carlos Menem. Irish, German and Syrian last names in a country of Spaniards & Italians by origin (with some indigenous contributions of course).


  1. The paternal surname of Ricardo Lopez Murphy is Lopez.

  2. yeah, kewl. why don’t the spanish get civilized and be obvious about everything? i took a surname when i moved to the US after all ;)

  3. It seems that Menem will win the elections again.

  4. Thomas Sowell would not be surprised.

  5. Who are the “indigenous” of Argentina? Sounds like another case of the “silent majority.” Are you all aware of the fact that the Argentinian government actually invited a small population of Jews to come there, to help stimulate the economny? This was decades ago, but it is a fact.

  6. “Who are the “indigenous” of Argentina?”

    The 20-30% of the population constituted mainly by Amerindian and mixed-race criollos, which live mainly the north and in the south of the country. The rest are of South European origin.

    “Sounds like another case of the “silent majority.”

    Yeah, although they don’t have their Reagan, just populist and statists like Menen.