She’s BAAAACK!!!

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Some of you might have noticed that Gene Expression’s Spanish gypsy has been AWOL for a few months. I was cramming for finals March until May, and now I’m slogging through my math and science requirements. Anyway, I’ll still post from time to time. Here’s a brief one because I have math class tonight (AAAAAUUUGHHH!)

The Washington Post is waxing a la Book of Revelation about Cali’s budget crisis. Here’s the Post’s analysis:

” As in many other states, the shortfall is largely the result of the national economic downturn — which has been especially severe in Silicon Valley, an engine of California’s $1.3 trillion economy. Soaring health care costs for the poor and new expenses for homeland security are other contributing factors. Republicans here also contend that Davis, who was narrowly elected to a second term in November, has spent recklessly while in office and relied on accounting gimmicks to balance the budget last year.”

Gee, who do you think the poor could be? For most of my life, poor has been the polite term for ghetto blacks. Is the vocabulary of political correctness changing so that poor now means penniless, functionally illiterate Mexican illegal immigrant? Or will poor simply be anyone who with the rotten luck to be born on the wrong tail of the Bell Curve? I invite the etymological musings of all Gene Expressors.

Update from duende: Anyone notice the author’s surname? No wonder she’s hesitant to finger Latin American illegals as a budget drain.

Comment from Razib: As David has noted on the message board, the main reason for California’s budget shortfall is the high-IQ bureaucratic elite in Sacramento. “The poor” are in fact usually just tools, proximate elements, in the ultimate well being of the bureaucratic class.

Update from Godless: A few comments:
-I find the tone of this post unnecessarily pejorative. Unskilled illegal immigration *is* a big problem – but it is a problem caused by the mainly white businessmen who hire illegal immigrants under the table, by the mainly white mandarinate in Sacramento (as Razib commented), by the mainly white INS and Border patrol, and by the mainly white amnesty-dangling administration. Change the attitudes of those in power and you change illegal immigration. The Spanish-surnamed do not have this sort of power.

-I’m uncomfortable with the idea that ethnicity trumps all when it comes to balanced reporting – certainly there’s no shortage of non-Hispanic reporters that would softpedal the immigration data. Another point – we’re not sure whether the reporter’s family came in legally or illegally. As reported by Steve Sailer, those immigrants who’ve come in legally tend to oppose illegal immigration, because of understandable opposition to further wage competition. Finally, seeing as duende herself is of (European) Spanish ancestry (and likely has a Spanish surname)…shall we disregard her posts on the grounds of her surname alone? Unless she takes an ideological position to our liking, that is…

Addendum from Razib: Camille-err, I mean duende, is I believe black Irish….


  1. For a moment I thought this was about Cali, Colombia…

  2. Hey, 10-15 more years, you might not be able to tell the difference…

  3. The real problem is, as with the Fed Gov’t, Cali spent money like a drunken sailor on leave during the bubble years when capital gains tax revenue flowed in to the coffers.

    Now the revenues are gone but they still have these …ahem…ENTITLEMENTS that are breaking the bank.


    Cali–1st world economy (hopefully not for long), 3rd world gov’t.

  4. duende, Hispanics in American are medically uninsured at about two and a half times the rate of whites.

    For much more browse my Immigration and Border Control archive on for more on the economics of immigration.

  5. welcome back spanish fly… btw we gnxpers often fantasize about you… how about a pic sometime?

  6. Serious gender confusion here. Now I’m straight about the fact that duende is a girl but I thought so was marinara. Presumably not, unless we have a lesbian gene expressor

  7. lesbian might be genetic….

  8. As Randall Parker noted last week, you don’t have to be a lesbian for pretty women to turn you on.
    By the way, was the gypsy thing serious? Gypsies are filed in the same part of my brain as elves. I mean, I know that there are real gypsies, but they are so rare in reality here in the US and so relatively common in fiction. Maybe you can give us some info from your perspective some time. Sorry if I’m being crude, but that’s what this blog is for.

  9. Maybe she’s an Irish gypsy.

  10. Marinara: I’ll talk to Razib about a pic, but I don’t think it will give you fantasy fodder.

    Michael Vassar:
    duende, as I am using it, is a concept of flamenco, a musical style created by Spanish gypsies. It’s a sort of ambiguous word, it can also mean “goblin”. I am not a gypsy, but I am a huge flamenco fan and I try to apply the concept of “duende” to my own creative expression.

    There are more gypsies in America than you think, but they like to remain invisible to the mainstream. In Spain gypsies are a despised minority, shunned by virtually all Spaniards unless they are talented entertainers like Rosario Flores or Joaquin Cortes. In America, they keep a low profile, therefore no one knows to look out for them. But I’m sure no one who frequents Gene Expression is dumb enough to visit a fortune teller.

  11. There are quite a lot of gypsies around,in most big city areas. They go incognito–hard for such vividly attracting people. A group rented the dining hall of a restaurant where a friend of mine worked. The event was a wake, and I don’t know how representative of gypsies they were, but they had excellent grief therapy which included eating the deserts first and throwing most of the rest of the food against the wall (the food wasn’t great but certain impulses are best kept in the realm of fantasy) while eyeballing the silverware (yes, it’s really true, but they never steal from other gypsies.) BTW, they had billed themselves as Greeks.