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Green Tide at the Gates?

ParaPundit has another post up addressing Muslim immigration into the West. Randall states: The more Muslims that come to Australia (or any other Western nation) the more there will be to complain and lobby for allowing more to come and to allow more radical ones to come. Until Islam grows up and goes thru something […]

GNXP political orientation?

Sometimes people make assumptions about GNXP’s political orientation. If you took the sum of our views and “averaged” them out, I’d suspect that “classical liberal” would be what you ended up with. That being said, there’s a fair diversity here, despite the fact that some topics we address that are taboo ghettoize us with the […]

Go for it!

Today on NPR (audio archive will be available after 6 PM) there was a short interview with an economist who stated that “going for it” on 4th & 1 yard to go in a football game is the rational thing to do. And yet most fans know that coaches generally refuse to “go for it,” […]

Poor, poor Africa….

Why is Africa so poor? asks an article in Frontpage Magazine. Like many mainstream conservative outlets, they diagnose the symptoms well enough, lack of civil society & clean transparent government, but they neglect to be very specific about a course of treatment (corrupt international agencies & toothless NGOs?). Granted, this is better than much of […]

Online course/textbook

Since even a used edition of Hartl & Clark’s Principles of Population Genetics is kind pricey for some, I found this site titled Wyman Nyquist’s Notes on Statistical Genetics, with a focus on Animal and Plant Breeding, basically a compilation of course notes & PDFed portions of a text-book. Haven’t read it, but the contents […]

Only blacks can teach black history?

This article about a protest over a white teacher possibly teaching black history in the Cleveland area is pretty high in blogdex, so there’s a large amount of commentary out there if you want to look. I find it pretty freaky, I do understand that a black teacher probably has some insights into black history […]

Atlas of the Brain

Just listened to an interview about the “Atlas of the Brain” on THE WORLD on PRI. Check out the atlas’ website. You can listen to the full interview here. GNXP readers can pick up a mild HBD angle at around 2 minutes & 40 seconds, when the interviewer asks about the contrasts in the multi-nation […]

HIV for the Queer Man

Infection rates are on the rise in the gay community. As Charles Murtaugh has wondered, if we are having such a hard time educating wealthy (relatively) and literate First World gay men, what does this bode for the Third World straight HIV epidemic where education is the main hope, since widely available cheap drugs and/or […]

Same old thing….

Article titled Genetics can’t put races into “nice, neat categories” treads over familiar territory…. Posted by razib at 10:57 PM

More whales-it’s in the genes

One thing I always find sketchy about ecology are the population estimates for various species which can’t be tracked easily (under the sea, in the forests, etc.). In the end, I agree that there have be some aproximations, and they might be the best numbers we can come up with at any given time, but […]

Libertarian Islam?

Reason has a long interview with the head of a libertarian Islamic think tank-Minaret of Freedom. He has some interesting opinions, though he repeats the old canard that the West would never have had any knowledge of Aristotle without the Muslims, neglecting the influx of Greek scholars into Italy in the mid-15th century with the […]

Stupid thing to post about….

This is an FAQ entry to address complaints about the posting material that shows up on GNXP. The title of the blog is GENE EXPRESSION, and its general mantra is to inject biological science, especially evolutionary theory, into public & social policy in as frank, direct and honest way possible (ergo, we break taboos, especially […]

2003 Human Development Index

New UN Human Development Index Rankings are out. Norwary is #1. Browse the site for more statistics that you’ll ever need….

The Protestantization of Islam???

This article in Beliefnet strikes me as rather strange. The author is a Muslim who is a medical doctor-not someone who has specialized knowledge in Islam-and his rendering of the faith (all the stuff about God’s forgiveness and ability to redeem humans, etc.) strikes me as very Protestant, in the American context, almost Evangelical. The […]

Quantitative Genetics

There are many discussions on this site about a variety of phenotypes. Most of these phenotypes are “quantitative traits.” There seems to be a common conflation in the minds of many about how these traits work, and an attempt to apply the simpler mendelian genetics that applies to discrete traits (a small number of expressions […]

Naturally lower cholesterol

Natural way to reduce cholesterol over at Future Pundit. Pretty weird wild stuff (there is a HBD angle that Randall throws in)…. Posted by razib at 04:34 PM

Pretty baby

Dienekes has a prety provocative post on attractiveness (everyone has an opinion on this topic….).

Jews & Asians-again

I’ve gotten two recent emails forwarding me this old Slate piece by Nick Lemann, When Asian-Americans become the “new Jews,” what happens to the Jews?, so I decided to link it…. (flavor of the month I suppose-thanks Ikram & zizka)

First Americans???

The headline shouts Date limit set on first Americans, as in no earlier than 18,000 years ago according to genetic evidence. But read more closely and note the qualifications….

How humans lost a sense (sort of)

Are senses a zero-sum game? The Economist implies it in this article that indicates that the focus on vision diminished the primate, and especially human, sense of smell. I’ve copied the full article below…. Note: Read The Emperor of Scent for an alternative account of the physiology of smell…. MORE COLOUR, LESS ODOUR JULY 24TH […]