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Look at the trees-not the forest

Over at TechCentralStation a writer complains that India shouldn’t be between Haiti & Nicaragua socioeconomically. Well, he should point out to non-Indians that there are large regional variations, the southern cone is having its “tryst with destiny” while the north wallows in neo-feudalism and political turmoil.

Autism & the pod-people

This article in Newsweek is pretty interesting, it focuses on how boys are more prone to autism and affiliated diseases like Asperger’s Syndrome. This old article in Wired suggests that assortive mating between people who have some tendency toward this disease is causing the emergence of a whole sub-section of society where Asperger’s is not […]

Bookish moi & the VMAs

Reading Theoretical Population Genetics by J.S. Gale. Venturing into chapter 3. Nice to have Principles of Population Genetics under my belt, all the equations (and more) that you find in Clark & Hartl’s book are derived in great detail by Gale (again, judging by what I’ve read so far)[1]. The references & notations are themselves […]

Shout out to Allah!

Allah is in the house!. Funny new blog, who says you can’t have fun with Islam? (via Aziz). Posted by razib at 05:26 PM Shit dog, check this out, yo: One billion strong, all year long, Prayers to Allah even in Hong Kong Can never be wrong if we read the Qur’an Cause it’s never […]

NR & Immigration Reform, Cont’d

National Review writer Rich Lowry is now actually calling for a reduction in legal immigration: "The real answer is to scale back legal immigration [emphasis mine] and control the nation’s borders, so low-income workers don’t have to compete against new immigrants, especially people who have no right to be here." Lowry also wrote:"Economics 101 says […]

Understanding The Religious on Their own Terms

Howdy all. First off, I am quite flattered that I have been offered the privelege of posting here on Gene Expression while my own blog is down. That having been said I’m a grad student working towards an M.A. in Medieval Studies, and I should probably be studying for my Latin exam right now. Here, […]

U of Michigan adds “diversity” essay

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision essentially upholding quotas (but not the 20-point bonus for "underrepresented" minorities), the University of Michigan is replacing with the 20-point bonus with something I see as even worse: a required essay that students must write on diversity. Students will have the choice between two prompts: "At the University […]

Brawn drain from Africa

Article in The Economist on the migration of athletes out of Africa (and the African Diaspora) to other nations. Full text below…. The brawn drain from Africa Aug 28th 2003 From The Economist print edition Qatar’s poaching of African champions EPA Exceedingly successful economic migrant AS USUAL, the world steeplechase champion is a Kenyan. But […]

Neoclassicists vs. Behaviouralists

Very interesting article in The Economist exploring the nuance of human behavior in an economic context. The skinny: neoclassical economic assumptions of rational choice are more valid for financial professionals than Joe-Schmo. Big surprise.

g–a brief history and overview

It was brought to my attention that perhaps there is some confusion on the idea of psychometric g . I wrote a brief article about it in a student newsletter a few months ago, that does a brief explaination. My stuff starts on p. 11. For more in depth, I suggest reading: Jensen, A. (1998). […]

Questions for Dear Readers

Polls attached below, please peruse and respond if you love us….   Should we change the GNXP “look” Don’t care Yes No Free polls from     How should we change the “look” Brighter colors Cleaner format More “bells & whistles” Free polls from

CHC, g, & Intelligence

I have received a few questions on g, John Carroll’s Theory (technically the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) Theory, named after Raymond Cattell, John Horn and John Carroll), and intelligence. While the field is far from in total agreement, I think these points are safe to say. 1. Intelligence is too broad and nebulous a term to use, […]

Token Roy Moore post

I like this article over at Frontpage by Lowell Ponte-he’s a conservative, but pretty balanced I think about what’s going on[1]. I do want to add one thing though-Ponte points out the Left’s hypocrisy when it comes to the use of religion, good if it serves "progressive" ends, bad if it is in favor of […]


This is one of the funniest things I’ve found on the web for a while. Posted by David B at August 27, 2003 10:08 AM| TrackBack | Email this articleComments

English as “pure Germans”?

In the 19th century there was the idea that the English were descended from Anglo-Saxons who drove the Welsh to the “Celtic Fringe.” But looking at some English people, it seems clear to me that they are a hybrid population, at least speaking from the perspective of one who has a keen eye for the […]

The Law of Unintended Consequences

George Bush Sr. is a saint! He signed the American’s With Disabilities Act! Today, I walked into Starbucks, and for the thousandth time I saw a guy using his laptop on the special "disabled" desk. He, like all others using the desk, had full use of his limbs, and he was not grotesquely obese. Have […]

Intellectual capital & the nations

Gweilo touches the average national IQ question. A good wolf smells the blood on the trail and pursues…. Godless comments: I tossed in a few comments that readers/co-bloggers may be interested in.

Is Superman Half-Brown????

OK, so it has been conjectured that Supermensch…err, Superman, is Jewish-but how about Anglo-Indian? True, I don’t have much evidence compared to the Jewish hypothesis, but this is what I do have: Atal Vajpayee, prime minister of India, seems to look a lot like: "Jor-El (Marlon Brando), Superman’s father": Did Jor-El escape Krypton contrary to […]

A bit of self-promotion

I have an article in Frontpage Magazine, thanks to Richard Poe for pushing me, and Jamie Glazov for giving me a chance. Also, check out the The American Conservative, I should have an article out in the current issue, though it might be next week (I can’t find it around here yet!). Thanks to Scott […]

Wheat/Chaff of Intelligence

Two exquisite critiques on "pop intelligence" theories have recently been written. 1. In the August issue of Intelligence, L. Gottfredson and N. Brody do a masterful job dissecting R. Sternberg’s Tri-archic/Practical Intelligence theory. 2. In the Arthur Jensen festschrift, G.V. Barrett et al. have a great chapter entitled New concepts of intelligence: Their practical and […]