A bit of self-promotion

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I have an article in Frontpage Magazine, thanks to Richard Poe for pushing me, and Jamie Glazov for giving me a chance. Also, check out the The American Conservative, I should have an article out in the current issue, though it might be next week (I can’t find it around here yet!). Thanks to Scott McConnell for giving me a shot to break into the ink & dead-tree world.

Update: This is from the Frontpage Forum:

Date: 8/26/2003 3:51:21 PM
Name: Khalid
Subject: American Women Can Learn Much From Islam

American women are disrepectful and speak, when they should listen.

Moslem women cover their face out of modesty. Likewise they remain silent out of modesty.

’nuff said.

Update II: The piece I’ve got in The American Conservative dealt with Muslims, The Netherlands and a Dutch dude I met on the bus (Hi David!). Here is a report (audio file) from a recent issue of PRI’s The World on something called The Arab European League. Here is a snippet from an article by the President of the organization:

Yet by these standards, 11 September 2001 was an exceptional day in every sense. Against the natural order of things, in the Arab Ghetto in Brussels, people were smiling. They were out in the streets, exchanging glances with each other as they walked. Even total strangers would nod at one another; there was something different in the air that day. All that joyful display, because on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, a number of planes had crashed into buildings killing some 3000 people. Isn’t it sick, one might wonder, that such a tragic event could ever be perceived this way?

The article is kind of strange-the basic tone is that you brought 9-11 upon yourselves-but this guy is obviously worldly and urbane, European in a fashion, though he obviously rejects Europe and its ways. The funniest part for me is that the title is “Welcome to Adobe GoLive 5.” Oh, and most of the articles seem to deal with Israel, I don’t know what the European part of the oranization’s name indicates outside of the geographic locale of the members.


  1. Congratulations, I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few months entirely for free, so it’s good to see that your getting paid for some of your work now.

  2. “Wearing a hijab is not just a personal statement, it is a group statement, setting oneself off from others and identifying with a community that adheres to a certain standard of dress and is visibly marked off from the rest of the citizenry.” … “While young women like Sultana Yusuf Ali interpret the hijab as an individualistic statement, general Western society can not help but feel that those who don it become amorphous and undefined, losing some of the very traits that allow us to discern the individual from a group.”

    Isn’t this true of any manner of dressing? Think of all the teeny-boppers dressed in their identical Gap clothing, with the same hair and makeup. Or businessmen in their identical suits. Most people dress to be identified with a group, instead of dressing to stand out as a individual.

    I dated a guy once who claimed that when he saw girls/women with a certain look in the mall, he’d bribe little kids to go up to them and say, “Christine Aguilera sucks” and then enjoy their consternation.

  3. Youre a “Paleo” eh Razib?

    I personally consider myself in agreement with a significant part of the Paleo agenda. So good for you!

  4. uh, i don’t like definitions pete ;) i think the frum article was assinine-but then, i think a lot of the paleo obssession with “necons” is pretty counter-productive.

    my main focus is this: is it good for the West? is it good for classical liberalism? most of my positions tend to issue from these two questions-which makes me a “conservative” because the Left (with honorable exceptions) seems to have ceded the war to the multi-cultists….

  5. “is to good for the West? is it good for classical liberalism?”


    Do you read Strauss? (Or Nietzche or Rousseau?). Liberalism (and I dont mean Liberalism as practised only by modern day liberals which is also a product of the Liberal project) has inherent problems that these men highlighted with their genius. I wonder if youve read Allan Bloom’s, “Closing of the American Mind”. If Classical Liberalism is whats going to save us, then Bloom’s examination of the modern man (a product of Liberalism) requires serious examination.

    This might sound heavy unnecessary nonsense but its not – these are questions that any serious thinker on the larger questions of politics would never ignore.

  6. I did ofcourse mean Nietzsche. Typo.

  7. i’ll read the “Closing of the American Mind.”

    i never said that liberalism was tenable in the long term-i’m not religious about it-i just said that i want to keep it going for as long as possible ;) at least until transhumanism kicks in.

  8. “until transhumanism kicks in”

    Ah. H.G. Wells again. You dont take that stuff seriously do you? :D

    Its a lot of fantasising (though anyone whos read Francis Bacon would have predicted this sort of fantasizing even four hundred years ago). It reminds me of watching that awful Jean Claude movie, “Universal Soldier”.

  9. you know, that chick, jean claude’s side-kick in the movie, she has degrees in biology & chemistry. she’s smart.

  10. Awful move nonetheless. The idea (transhumanism) is ofcourse bollocks.

  11. Movie, I mean.

  12. AmCon & Frontpage! Interesting choices. Does one balance the other?

    Congrats, razib.

  13. zack, uh, no, not really ;) if there’s one thing AmCon & Frontpage agree on, itz that islam is a potential threat to liberalism-which is the general tone of both articles. my next goal is to get published in The American Prospect….

  14. Peter, could you please be precise about what aspect of the idea “transhumanism” is “of course bollocks”. The idea that eventual technological capabilities can be forecast with some accuracy? Whether or not they can, I don’t see much point in any frm of long-term speculation that ignores the certainty of changing technology.

    Razib I wouldn’t bother with “the closing of the American Mind”. It’s pretentious trash. Full of the most blatant falsehods about what modern youth are like.

  15. hey maybe eventually razib will edit COMMENTARY.

  16. “I don’t see much point in any form of long-term speculation that ignores the certainty of changing technology.”

    Changing technology is one thing. “Universal Soldier” type speculation is another thing.

    “Razib I wouldn’t bother with “the closing of the American Mind”. It’s pretentious trash. Full of the most blatant falsehods about what modern youth are like.”

    Seems to have struck a raw nerve.

  17. “itz that islam is a potential threat to liberalism”

    Here in lies the key. As Strauss once noted that the nihilism in Germany became permissive enough to permit Nazism and Communism to flourish simultaneously (in the 1920s, until the Nazis took control and gassed the Communists). That sort of nihilism permits radical Islam’s growth in the west today.

  18. Congrats, Razib. May your tribe increase.

  19. And I don’t mean the Banglas ;)

  20. My felicitations on this triumph. Of course it was not unexpected, you are after all a natural writer with an acute awareness of history and geopolitics.

    Since my post is the 21st I can only echo the sentiments of previous posters and hope that in the future your unique perspective can be communicated to as wide an audience as possible.


  21. thanks for the encouragement everyone. i’m still getting a hang of this new gig…but more is coming up (if jamie glazov likes it or if i can con someone else into splashing ink that reflects my thoughts).

    btw, zacks, you guyz should merge your blogs or something, it would be a cool blog, “the two pak zacks” or something-and that way, no pressure to post as much….