Is Superman Half-Brown????

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OK, so it has been conjectured that Supermensch…err, Superman, is Jewish-but how about Anglo-Indian? True, I don’t have much evidence compared to the Jewish hypothesis, but this is what I do have:

Atal Vajpayee, prime minister of India, seems to look a lot like: "Jor-El (Marlon Brando), Superman’s father":

Did Jor-El escape Krypton contrary to the story told in his son’s true-life movie??? Is Vajpayee’s vow of celibacy in fact due to his undying love for his dead wife Lara, the mother of Kal-El (Superman)? That begs the question, were the Rishis of Hindu legend escaped Kryptonians???

And doesn’t Norah Jones kind of look like Christopher Reeve (ignore that pre-differently abled Reeve is much prettier). How exactly did the Kryptonians make it past border patrol? Though it seems plausible they could have flown over, don’t we have kryptonite laced cordons to prevent alien ariel intrusion? Joe Guzzardi needs to add something challenging the alien infiltration into his platform, after all, California is no doubt a magnet for Kryptonians like Marlon Brando[1].

Tell me where I’m wrong?

My back-up plan to de-center and Otherize Superman is to imply he’s gay, after all, look at the picture, they didn’t have Queer Eye For the Straight Guy back in 1978, that super-hero is way too sheik….

fn1. Marlon Brando was born in Nebraska, highly suspicious given Smallville’s midwestern locale, don’t you think? It’s all falling into place….


  1. I missed something. Is Vajpayee half-Indian?

  2. please do not attempt to impose your eurocentric conceptions of “logic” and “coherency” upon me-i deny your patriarchal linear mode of thinking!

  3. !

  4. well if you want to “otherize” Superman look no further than, Dean Cain (half-japanese by his father roger tanaka) born Dean George Tanaka; look at this sight

    what is disturbing though is the new series “Smallville” where superman is being raised by the obviously racist Bo Duke, his nemesis is played by mike rosenbaum, and the object of his desire (whom he dumps later for lois lang) is half-chinese.

    showing once again the racist, sexist, anti-semitic trend of those big-evil-corporations.

  5. P.S.
    At least Marlon Brando was Italian in ancestry, much unlike the new Jor-el (Anthony Hopkins) White, British, Upper-class, The ultimate oppressor.

  6. hopkins is welsh.

    oppressed by the fiendish brits.

  7. Welsh are British too.

  8. welsh are britons…unlike the saesons ;)