Questions for Dear Readers

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Polls attached below, please peruse and respond if you love us….


Should we change the GNXP “look”
Don’t care

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How should we change the “look”
Brighter colors
Cleaner format
More “bells & whistles”

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  1. When you have bright ideas you don’t need bright colors.

  2. More rotating and flashing animated gifs. Also some MIDIs of everyone’s favorite tunes from the 80s.

  3. For some reason, your site is among the slowest-loading I have access to.
    Since it’s also one of the most interesting, I grow annoyed!

  4. Please not gray.

  5. I like it just fine the way it is. ;)

  6. Jason’s got the right idea; and don’t forget the tag.

    I’d like a TOP tag down at the bottom just above the “post a comment” section so I can go up and on to the next article without having to scroll or “Page Up”.

    Other than that, everything’s fine just the way it is.

  7. Love the blog the way it is.


  8. I second Terri… it’s a terribly slow loading site…

  9. I third Terri and the line from the horrible movie, sometimes it takes minutes for the page to load. Keep in mind some of us are still on dialup. It’s gotten to the point that I click on my link for Gene Expression, then go to the bathroom or to fix myself a snack, and then come back — and sometimes it’s STILL LOADING.

  10. I just realized that I shouldn’t be bitching about the site since I’m enjoying it for free. So I just donated a little money via Paypal, now I can bitch as much as I want. :) Please use it towards fixing the slow loading times, if that’s something money can help with. Thanks.

  11. Also, it would be nice if clicking on one of your links opened that link in a new window, instead of taking a person away from the main page. I usually remember to right-click and select “Open in New Window” but sometimes I forget and then I have to wait for GNXP to load again. I think it would be helpful to others as well, we could follow all the links in your posts while still keeping track of where we are in reading the blog.

  12. i am thinking of switching to a faster webhost-so the slow loading is going to be finite in t with zero being now, though it will feel infinite i’m sure ;) (i notice it too-look at ALEXA and it says we we are at the 22% of speed, when we used to be 51% a month ago). does anyone know if the mysql functions in MT have table locking enabled? that might slow things down….

  13. Razib – try not to make it more complicated, because the more bells and whistles you add, the slower it gets. What’s the best website in the world? – Google. What’s the simplest website in the world? – Google. Enough said!

    One small thing – I’ve noticed that if I open a ‘comments’ window, leave it open, return to the main page, and then try to open a ‘comments’ window on another topic, the new window opens but doesn’t appear on screen – I have to go to the ‘windows’ option on my toolbar and click on the new window. This may be a peculiarity of the AOL display, but I haven’t noticed it with any other website.

  14. never mind about the mysql table locking issue-only matters for rebuilds….

  15. I think it’s because the “new” window opens in the old window (replacing the old comments) and it doesn’t pop up because it’s not really a new window. Mine flashes on the bottom bar thingie (I forget the name of it) which is what the thingies do when something new has happened in their window.

    I agree, no more bells and whistles. I think GNXP has too many features already. Keep it simple enough for those of us with IQs below 160 to keep up. :)

  16. So, 42% of respondants said that they don’t care about the format. Does anyone find it odd that people would even respond to a poll if they don’t care?

  17. I thank goodness I have cable every time I hear someone talk about dial-up. I tend to forget what that was like.

    I agree when you click a link it should open a new window. That would be a nice improvement. I also made a small donation, keep up the good work guys.

  18. I like the board the way it is.

    By the way, what ever happened to the data at the bottom of the board indicating how many people had visited the site from different links or arrived as a result of an internet search? I thought it was interesting because it kind of gave us an idea of who we are sharing the board with.

  19. You didn’t have a response for making it even more drab and tacky.

  20. zizka, sorry i don’t have your design sense.

    inventor-i’ll add that again later in a way so that it doesn’t look like a dump of broken code….