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In comments on a previous post, I mentioned that I had seen a study of the IQ of immigrants to the Netherlands. Here is the full reference: Jan te Nijenhuis and Henk van der Flier: ‘Group differences in mean intelligence for the Dutch and Third World immigrants’, Journal of Biosocial Science, 33 (2001), 469-475. The […]

Australia – antipodean bizzaro world

The following finding cited in this article speaks for itself and suggests that the generalisation that ‘Jews vote left’ (expanded into something sinister by the likes of Kevin Macdonald) does not necessarily hold true in countries other than the US, even those with roughly the same cultural foundations, Evidence suggests that most Australian Jews follow […]

The Racial Democracy part n

This article addresses (again) the difficulties in using racial quotas in determining higher education admissions in the Byzantine racial mix that is Brazil. A few points…. Racial self-classifications are subjective & personal (some “whites” by phenotype, and even persons of recent and un-mixed European ancestry, are claiming pardo, racially mixed, status)Many students admitted under quotas […]

Islam, women, freedom & all that

Andrew Reeves ruminates on the freedoms and restrictions that Muslim women are subject too: First off, since my own social views are usually closer to grumpy old fart than most, I actually have a great deal of sympathy for what Islam says is the proper role of a woman, and the whole porno chic thing […]

I thank Allah I was born a man

A strict Muslim who slit his daughter’s throat because he believed she had become too Westernised pleaded with a judge yesterday to sentence him to death. Read the full story from the link-it’s wack. And what’s up with Kurds? Fadime, shot by her father in Sweden, was also Kurdish….

Conservatives in Academia

Seems the blogosphere has been chattering away about the new David Brooks piece that discusses the hate relationship between conservatives and academia[1]. A post by Virginia Postrel brings up the supply & demand issue-there are hundreds of English Ph.D.s out there for every job (I hyperbolize, perhaps), so your academic creds are almost a given, […]


NOVA is doing Archimedes. I’ll be there, God-willing.

Elephant Phylogenetics

The New York Times reports that the Elephants of Borneo are a phylogenetically distinct population from other Asian Elephants (who are themselves separable into two clades). The full paper can be accessed over at The Public Library of Science. Posted by razib at 10:41 PM

New Mx script/data library made available

For those interested in behavior genetic modeling, there is now on online Mx scripts library, with practice data!!!! Here is an excerpt from the the e-mail I received: The site is on air since sept 1st 2003 and now contains around70 mx scripts that can be downloaded with an example datafile so the usercan fiddle […]

Two wave model?

New article out from The American Journal of Human Genetics. I have cut & pasted the abstract below in the “extended entry.” The title is: Haplotypes in the Dystrophin DNA Segment Point to a Mosaic Origin of Modern Human Diversity. Yes, a mouthfull, but basically it is suggesting an added layer of complexity to the […]

Single GNXP reader

“Jaqueline” is single (her personal info). Never say we never provide “reader services.”

Genetics of Social Evolution

David Quellar of Rice University will explore the genetics of the social evolution of the amoeba. Full story here. I suggest anyone with further interest browse Dr. Quellar’s publications. I really don’t know much about protist sociality, and it’s not as sexy as human evolutionary psychology, but at least it’s not drosophila! Posted by razib […]


Diana, Dienekes has a post about Guanches. They probably are “Berbers”….

All the children in Merry Old England are above average

Quotes from this article: The guidelines, for marking key national curriculum exams, recommend that the current F grade, for ‘fail’, should be replaced with an N grade, for ‘nearly’. …They include instructions that maths exam answers should be marked as either ‘creditworthy’ or ‘not creditworthy’, rather than correct or incorrect. Via Fox News.


This article on the ambiguities of Muslm Spain, its famed pluralism & toleration, is interesting in the light of my previous post titled Dar-al-Europa. The author of the Tech Central Station article arguing for a coming “melange civilization” focused on early Ottoman Turkey, a culture that has not been idealized and scrutinized to the same […]

Another one bites the dust for print

The Face of Evil just got a column at The National Post. Congrats! Satan must be dancing for joy, flicking his tail and clapping his cloven hooves together. Posted by razib at 12:50 AM

Possible suspect held

Mijailo Mijailovic held in connection with the murder of foreign minister Anna Lindh. Posted by razib at 02:05 AM

Wireless connection in your head

Google data ports here I come!

Increased poverty

This article reports what I assume everyone expected-incomes fell during the recession. It begins with the assertion that “The worsening economic conditions fell heaviest on Midwesterners and nonwhites.” It then proceeds to present a parade of percentages (alliteration unintentional). What I find curious is that I would like to know absolute numbers-for though minorities suffered, […]

Armenians may like it.

“52 percent of Levites of Ashkenazi origin have a particular genetic signature that originated in Central Asia, although it is also found less frequently in the Middle East,” according to a new report. “The ancestor who introduced it into the Ashkenazi Levites could perhaps have been from the Khazars, a Turkic tribe whose king converted […]