Single GNXP reader

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“Jaqueline” is single (her personal info). Never say we never provide “reader services.”


  1. Pretty cute – shame about the libertarianism… ;-)

  2. Also not a recruit for the GNXP eugenics program. Jane Galt is thinking about breeding, though she has her strong Libertarian doubts. Like I said, the US needs to start importing uteri the way we import tech workers. Just too much grief for the pay, either way.

  3. I’d breed if you paid me enough. $50,000 to have the kid and give it up for adoption, $500,000 if you want me to raise it, too.

  4. “Importing uteri”

    Well, THAT image will rock me to sleep tonight, Mr. Zizka…

  5. Is the $500,000 just for your time, or does that include the kid’s college education, etc.?

  6. $500,000 for my time and hassle to raise them to age 18. College education would be extra, because that could easily cost up to $100,000!

  7. This is a perfect situation to make use of a surrogate.

  8. Duende -

    Do you mean a surrogate for Jacqueline, or that Jacqueline should be a surrogate for someone else? “Cause it doesn’t sound like she’s all that keen on raising kids at all, so that wouldn’t help. Maybe she should just sell her high-IQ eggs to a non-libertarian who gives a damn about the next generation. I here some people are paying thousands of dollars for ‘em…

  9. Sort of. I mean that Jackie-O and the highest IQ male Gene Expressor ought to make a little science fair project in a petri dish and hire a surrogate to carry him/her, and have the baby adopted by a husband-and-wife team of physicists.

  10. Do we have to use the petri dish??? :)

    I mean, the whole point of my personal ad was to meet some high-IQ GNXP’ers for, um, personal contact… :)