Gender Genie

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Want to know whether you’re male or female? Among other ways to tell, you can use the Gender Genie. Enter a block of text and it will tell you the likely gender of the author. Cool.


  1. I pasted my “black beauty” post onto the genie, and it guessed that I was a man. Needless to say, that thing’s full of shit.

  2. I posted the lyrics to Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back” in there and it came back female by about an 800-400 score.

  3. Four out of five of my writing samples were scored male (by wide margins). Not very accurate.

    Seriously, I really am female.

  4. Although the press for the genie boasts about its record with classic liturature, it in fact doesn’t do well with anything more than 100 years old.

    Here’s how to hack it – get Stunk and White. Write something that counters every bit of advice in that book, being careful to avoid adjectives and vivid verbs. Viola! You are male. Who knew the passive voice had balls.