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Admin notice (bandwidth, etc.)

Please read if you have an posting privs on GNXP…. Update: I have added a small snip of code that so that now you should see only entries made since you last visited under “Recently Commented Entries.” Of course, you need to allow cookies-and if you don’t like this feature, I suggest you just block […]


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What the world thinks of G-O-D

Abiola points me to this BBC program about belief in God worldwide. There you can find the full survey (PDF). Some interesting findings (for me anyway): Country/% Belief in God/% Religion is a crutch for the “weak minded”/% My God is the only true God US/86/10/51UK/56/14/31India/96/37/60Nigeria/99/16/94Lebanon/98/2/94 Notice something strange? Hindus are different! (84% of South […]


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The World Riddle

Warning: long. In my post No Pain, no Gain I gave reasons for accepting the proposition: “Some subjective sensations, such as pleasures and pains, are adaptive traits of organisms.” The main reason is that pleasures are generally associated with biologically beneficial, and pains with harmful, circumstances, in such a way as to suggest that the […]

Daniel Boorstin, R.I.P.

Daniel J. Boorstin died yesterday, at 89. His book The Discoverers is a great history of science. It is first of a trilogy, the other books being The Creators and The Seekers. Some obituaries from Google News. Posted by Thrasymachus at 08:19 AM

Decoupling Atheism from Intellectual Progress

It seems that God does not exist; because if one of two contraries be infinite, the other would be altogether destroyed. But the word “God” means that He is infinite goodness. If, therefore, God existed, there would be no evil discoverable; but there is evil in the world. Therefore God does not exist. …Further, it […]

Why your head hurts….

BioMed Central has an article up (here is the full PDF) titled The methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene variant C677T influences susceptibility to migraine with aura. Yeah, a headache to verbally digest, but basically, it is an attempt to pinpoint genetic precursors of a phenotype that is evident in 12% of the Caucasian population. This is an […]

God, country & family (rewind)

A year and a half ago I wrote a series titled “God, country & family.” I’ve copied them over from the old blogspot site. For new readers who weren’t around in the summer of 2002, I submit these…. Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV I’ll probably be reposting articles like this that have “aged well” since […]

God, country and family (part IV)

Would you put your nation before your family? Would you put your nation before your God? Before your race? These are questions that people need to ask. Questions such as this lurk under the surface of all outward expressions of patriotism [1]. What really matters? As I have said before, I feel that Christianity is […]

Homo-gays & evolution

I stumbled upon this article on WorldNetDaily titled Homosexuality: Evolution of the human race?. I’m going to avoid commenting on the whole gay marriage thing, let’s just say I’m a federalist (*wink*), but the article itself was kind of weird. It struck me almost as something out of Star Trek where they try to explain […]

Wing dogs & relative fitness?

1) Coors has a new commercial about the “Wing Dog,” basically, the canine that butters the hot chicks up so that they will pay attention to some normal looking guy. 2) I’m thinking of going down the street and talking to a neighbor because I suspect that the 12 hours a day our cat is […]

Pages to learn by

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One True Source

In my comments on TangoMan’s post that links to Richard Carrier’s essay lauding Solon I expressed some doubt as to the force of the Richard’s point. My doubt can be summed as follows: intellectuals often look for the Holy Grail of the One True Source of all that is Good In the Modern World. There […]

They so horny?

Was watching The Daily Show on Comedy Central and Samantha Bee put together a segment titled “They so horny” about the dearth of Asian American men in porn. One of the funniest parts was when she interviewed a professor of Asian American Studies who has published academic articles on this topic. Darrell Hamamoto (professor of […]

Chimp Tickling

Steve Johnson is interviewed on NPR about his new book Mind Wide Open: Your Brain and the Neuroscience of Everyday Life. Chimps like tickling & being tickled…. Posted by razib at 12:23 AM