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And so goes kenny

Colby Cosh’s column from last week was about the Kennewick Man fiasco. Frankly I am surprised, and heartened, that the pursuit of knowledge trumped “tradition” and religion in the service of politics (at least in spirit if not as measured by bones and artifacts). If you are interested in Kennewick Man, I suggest Moira Breen’s […]

Puffy, Al, and Hillary

Hilarious: The comic potential is infinite…captions solicited. Actually, it seems like she’s really getting around: Mr. Clinton seems curiously absent… Posted by godless at 01:27 AM

Bloody matam & display

Materialism. It is a sin great in our age, so tell us the priests the progressives. But, it is a truism that one usually would prefer to be the richest individual on a block, even if the other option was being considerably wealthier in absolute terms but low on the pecking order in relative terms. […]

Harold and Kumar go to Krispy Kreme?

That could have been the title to the new film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle unfortunately the donut company turned down the free hour and a half plus advertisement. I bring this up for two reasons: first it is a brilliant new way to introduce advertisements, and second I find it very ironic […]

A man for all seasons

In the comments for Mirror Museums, a post that dismissed the importance of the Creationist “threat,” I rejected godless’ implication that Panda’s Thumb is an adjunct of the Gould-Lewontin project by pointing out that Paul R. Gross is listed as a contributor. Paul R. Gross has made contributions to the counter-attack against both the plagues […]

ToM, terrorism and proteanism

Abiola has been posting about the possible futility of the “swarthy Middle Eastern male” profiling strategy, noting that rationally a transnational multiracial religio-political-cult would probably simply use operatives who could evade tightly focused radar. This reminded me of the Theory of Mind cognitive adaptation, that is, modelling the minds of other individuals, taking into account […]

Family garbarge & the pious mob

A month ago I put up a long post about my experiences in Bangladesh from the Hong Kong airport. Since then I haven’t followed up much. Since Bangladesh is in the news now, I have decided to congeal some of my reflections into something that resembles post. Some background facts to keep in mind. Bangladesh […]


Below godless posted about whites marching in penitence for the sin of slavery. Many issues can be illuminated here. In the comments sections I reacted with a sarcastic quip where I basically implied that some whites believe themselves to be such morally exalted folk that they take upon their shoulders a sort of “white man’s […]

Crick no longer ticks

Francis Crick dies. Just put him under the “Great Men” heading under our links, the second Francis! Related: Obit in The Independent. Addendum: I received a complaint that for someone who laid the foundation for “gene expression” I’m not giving Crick his due. The obits haven’t come it.Figure other bloggers would weigh in.Watson tends to […]

The Village prediction

I predict that “the village” is actually on a spaceship. Anyone else have thoughts? Posted by razib at 12:42 PM

The expanding SAT test prep industry

CNN reports that the Princeton, N.J. SAT test-prep company, Peterson, is going to expand it’s services passed just academics, to include; the choice of pre-exam meal, the hue of their clothes, the music they hear on the drive to the test. It is not going to do it through actual experimentation and observation, but through […]

Amish in the city

Here’s a new series premiering tonight on UPN, about five teenagers (three boys and two girls) undergoing the Amish tradition of rumspringa. While this is just another drop in the reality show fad that won’t seem to die, some republican lawmakers are very upset about the whole thing, calling it ‘exploitation’. These lawmakers also attacked […]

Road Trip!

I’m going to be taking a cross-country trip soon, from West coast to East, and I’m curious about good camp sites and eateries and other such things along the way. Below I’ve sketched out some general points we’ll be stopping off at, any tips would be helpful…. OK, Spokane to Missoula (via Northern Idaho).Through Montana […]

Church politics

There has been a lot of talk about John Kerry’s conflict with the Church over his position on abortion. Interestingly, one thing to note about the Catholic Church in the United States is that its positions (as communicated through the bishops) are often the diametric opposite of libertarians, that is, socially conservative and fiscally liberal. […]

It’s an eye thang

A month ago I posted an entry titled Balancing selection in color blindness?, here are two follow up articles, Variation in Color Vision Genes May Have Helped Humans See the Fruit for the Trees in The Scientific American and Why women see many shades of red from the BBC. The paper, as noted previously, will […]

Brittany Spearski?

It turns out that the southern, blonde pop-tart has not only converted to Judaism (to the horror of her southern baptist parents) but also is planning a Kabbalah wedding. This is very strange, I could imagine leftist singer madonna dabbling in this new age version of Judaism, but Brittany? Again this reminds me of the […]

Mirror Museums

Creationism strikes me as the most innocent of the popular unscientific beliefs. Unlike, say, the current fact of human biodiversity, evolutionary events a million years old have no significant implications in politics or daily life. Thus creationists get to take a stand for their pet belief that costs them almost nothing in terms of cognitive […]

Canadian Gov’t Challenges Church Sanctuary

I can’t imagine that with the current immigration policies, or lack of them, that the US gov’t would ever violate a church’s right to grant sanctuary to illegal immigrants. I’m sure we’ll be following the Canadian initiative to see how it plays out. Only once have the civil authorities forced their way into a church […]

The Science of Coffee

Awesome site for those readers with an interest in science and a passion for coffee. Has everything you could possibly want to know about coffee; history, chemistry, roasting guides, and of course brewing recommendations. One thing though that I disagree with, it states that the best method of coffee brewing is the press, I still […]

Being & Counting

Say you have a friend, he tosses some marbles on a table in front of you and asks you how many you see. He does this twice. The first time, he throws four marbles, and the second time he throws nineteen marbles. How long does it take you to “count” the marbles? In the first […]