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The Real Issues of the Campaign

John Derbyshire has made the point that Republican women are generally better looking than their Democratic counterparts. I have yet to be impressed by the photos of Anne Coulter that he has offered in support of his argument. But the other day, one of my apolitical coworkers happened to be near the city convention center […]

More demogogic media coverage of science

The publication This is London screamed this hysterical headline today; Doctor has cloned cells from dead baby Gasp! Shock! (naive readers will ask “did he kill the baby?” “did he steal it’s corpse?”) Then the first line read; Controversial fertility specialist Panos Zavos today revealed plans to clone a dead baby. What?!?!? he’s trying to […]

Getting the Facts Right; or, Occam’s Razor

It’s a basic assumption among GNXP posters that the study of human biodiversity is an important contributing factor to the study of humanity in general. At the same time, though, it’s important to keep in mind that human biodiversity isn’t the only factor involved in the construction of early 21st century societies. Take South Africa, […]


Supermodel/Oxford PhD Olivia Judson Godless Capitalist generously invited me to post something on GNXP, as my blog, Beautiful Atrocities is very similar, since I’m primarily concerned with soap operas, innuendo, Ann Wilson, low-rent pop culture, septicemic humor, & asthmatic prose. Here then is what I learned from the delightful Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All […]

Olympic Gold begins with good genes

From National Geographic: Michael Phelps stands 6 feet 4 inches (193 centimeters) and weighs 195 pounds (88.5 kilograms), with the broad shoulders and slim waist common to the elite swimmer. But consider his body measurements a little closer and it becomes clearer why Phelps is dominating these Olympic Games. He has an extended trunk and […]

Indian Renaissance

Interesting article in the new National Geographic about the state of “native” peoples in America (here’s a map which goes along with the article, giving info on native population around the U.S. plus percent of Indian owned businesses). Here’s a quote that kinda summarizes the article: If there is strength in numbers, then Indians are […]

Colorblind medicine

The Boston Globe has an article titled Should medicine be colorblind? that addresses the “debate” over the heart medication that seems to be optimal in the case of African Americans. In a pefect world all medicines would be tailored for each individual, but we don’t live in a perfect world, anything that keeps people alive […]

God & race

Christian pollster George Barna has a new report up: Ethnic Groups Differ Substantially On Matters of Faith. Here are some the results:   White Black Hispanic Asian Attended religious service in past week 41% 48% 38% 23% Prayed to God in the past week 81% 91% 86% 46% Bible is totally accurate (strongly agree)      […]

Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge….

An anecdote from The Red Queen: Learning that a cockerel could have sex dozens of times a day, Mrs. Coolidge said: “Please tell that to the president.” On being told, Mr. Coolidge asked, “Same hen every time?” “Oh, no, Mr. President. A different one each time.” The president continued: “Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge.” We […]

Ashkenazi selection for fairness?

Earlier this year, I presented a post that offered the following data: From the book On Blondes, a survey of Jewish school children in Nazi Germany suggested that the following was the hair color breakdown: 10% blonde.50% “mixed.”40% black. David B also forwarded me this data on Jews from 19th century London: English Ashkenazim: Blue […]

Nader was right! (sort of)

Reprinted from here [American voters sympathetic to Palestine (whether progressive or Muslim) have always faced a Hobson's choice in the voting booth]….Jews are a crucial constituency for the Democrats, the mainstream American progressive party [and evangelical Christians, who tend to be staunchly pro-Israel, a, if not the, core constituency of the Republican party.]. I suspect […]

Sexy Names

Is your name sexy? Men with a “front vowel” sound made at the front of the mouth, such as “a” in Matt, were most attractive to women. Those with a “back vowel” sound, such as “aw” in Paul or George, were less sexy, New Scientist magazine said. In women, the situation is reversed. Of course, […]

Mental Illness

The New York Times has an interesting article, Did Antidepressants Depress Japan? I especially like the experience of Mitake on the last page. After months of treatment, he attended a fasting retreat for a week and it “broke the cycle.” The great problem with the pharmaceutical treatment of mental illness is that the complexity of […]

Why the “Jews” reject the GOP

About a week ago Steve Sailer noted that a new poll by the Kerry camp shows that Bush’s support from “Jews” is around 22%. This might be a low-balling, but nevertheless, it shows that the “Jewish Republican” is a minority orientation, something that has been typical ever since the political realignment of the New Deal […]

Brain structure correlated to political ideology

Caught this on Slashdot. The Political Brain As The Times reported not long ago, a team of U.C.L.A. researchers analyzed the neural activity of Republicans and Democrats as they viewed a series of images from campaign ads. And the early data suggested that the most salient predictor of a ”Democrat brain” was amygdala activity responding […]

NCLB comes to town

As the US Men’s basketball team is abroad breaking down stereotypes, the NCLB is helping propel them, at least in Missouri. In the local paper today, they reported the pass rate of the state standardized achivement test for each school, which got me wondering about pass rate over a number of variables, including race. So, […]

Rational mysticism

One of the most agitating portions for me of Susan Blackmore’s The Meme Machine was Richard Dawkins’ introduction where he tells of a student of his who had picked up some peculiar mannerisms from her parents, who themselves had affected these tendencies in imitation of the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. Something within me could not […]

The Case for Racial Profiling (A thought)

I have been thumbing Michelle Malkin’s new book on the subjects of the Japanese interment and racial profiling of terrorists. It’s an easy read, though not very well written, so I would suggest it to anyone interested in the subject. But as this is a book on racism, the inevitable comment arises from a virulent […]

Pet news: Dingo evolution, Cat cloning

[Assorted pet news crossposted from] DINGOES EVOLVED FROM PET DOGS Once again, studies of mitochondrial DNA have revealed something interesting about the ancestral origins of species: Aug. 3, 2004 — Dingoes, Australia’s wild dogs, are descended from Asian domesticated dogs, not wolves, according to international research.[Discovery Channel News, reporting on this PNAS abstract] I […]

Four Surprises in Global Demography

AEI has released an interesting paper examining world-wide population trends. I’m still absorbing it so I will just point out a few things that jumped out at me, and leave comments on it for a future time or for GC or Razib. Unnatural Gender Imbalances;And the collision is not only happening in East Asia. Gender […]