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Autism linked to mirror neuron dysfunction

Article “According to the new study, currently in press at the journal Cognitive Brain Research, electroencephalograph (EEG) recordings of 10 individuals with autism show a dysfunctional mirror neuron system: Their mirror neurons respond only to what they do and not to the doings of others.” Posted by fly at 06:56 AM

Brain-building Protein Identified

Article “A protein that’s key to determining the developing brain’s size and shape could be used to manipulate stem cells to rebuild the organ in adults.”…“Underscoring the protein’s impact, over-expressing it in rats gave them enlarged brains with grooves and furrows similar to those in evolved mammalian brains.” Posted by fly at 06:59 AM

More Roland Fryer

Interviewed here. Posted by razib at 03:43 PM

Kennewick alert!!!!

Go to Moira’s alert. Don’t let “sensitivity” trump truth, just because the past has been a political football doesn’t mean we have to play along with the game. Posted by razib at 11:35 AM

Colon Cancer is a Socially Constructed Disease

We’ve all been witness to the canard that “Race is Socially Constructed” on countless occasions. In fact, some professional organizations go so far as to have official policies on this issue: “The concept of race is a social and cultural construction. . . . Race simply cannot be tested or proven scientifically,” according to a […]

Neets News

The Neets phenomenon (see my post below) seems to be catching on. Today’s London Daily Mirror has a follow-up to the Sunday Times article here. More surprisingly, the same phenomenon is causing concern in Japan, of all places – see this article. But I guess that both the nature and the scale of the problem […]

We’ll all be beautiful

This is a joke page, right? Beginning last November, the city of San Francisco began a program whereupon clinically obese men between the ages of 18 and 55 could undergo a procedure whereupon approximately 1/2 an inch is removed from each vas and the ends are sealed – commonly referred to as a vasectomy – […]

Inter-ethnic marriage in Britain

In a recent post on educational performance by ethnic groups in the UK I mentioned some research on inter-ethnic marriage by Raya Muttarak of Oxford. She has made at least two studies on the subject: (1) Who Intermarries in Britain? and (2) Marital Assimilation: Ethnic Intermarriage in Britain. The second study has more recent data […]

I call hypocrite

via Sepia Mutiny Ted Rall’s latest cartoon imagines a Zoroastrian United States without separation of church and state. What Mr. Rall leaves out of his cartoon is that the ancestral homeland of the Zoroastrians is currently under the rule of a regime repelled by the notion of separating church and state. The ancestral homeland of […]

Whipping Therapy Cures Depression

You may think that this is a parody piece from the Onion, but if you did you’d be wrong. Pravda reports on a sensational report made an international conference devoted to new methods of treatment and rehabilitation in narcology. The report was called “Methods of Painful Impact to Treat Addictive Behavior.” Siberian scientists believe that […]

The evolutionary revolutionary

A profile of Robert Trivers in The Boston Globe. A refresher: Trivers is the father of ideas like reciprocal altruism & parent-offspring conflict. He has been one of the foremost extenders of the logic of William D. Hamilton’s early work on kinship and biosocial theory. Posted by razib at 04:21 PM

Organizing the Debate

There is a tremendous amount of impressive information in the Gene Expression archives. And because it’s only organized by date, it’s underutilized. How to organize it? The Gene Expression Textbook Project, maybe? Organize it around giving people an introduction into human biodiversity? Maybe some sort of greatest hits list? If we get serious about something […]

Meet the Neets

In a recent post on Education and Poverty I commented on the dismal educational performance of the White ‘underclass’ in Britain. Coincidentally, today’s Sunday Times has a feature article on the new underclass, known in Government circles by the acronym ‘Neet’: Not in Education, Employment or Training. Here’s the article… Depressing stuff! Addendum In comments […]

I wonder…

…how Terry Schiavo’s parents feel about stem cell research and how well that jibes with the positions of their political patrons? Posted by jeet at 08:08 AM

Cry baby….

Carl posts about differences between the babies of foragers and farmers/moderns. These sort of shifts of infant behavior dependent on the input that parents (and the ability of the babies to manipulate said parents) provide contingent upon social-environmental constraints make me cautious about assuming an overpowering EEA across a host of variables. Additionally, babies also […]

Responses to Leroi

Over at Edge. Via NuSapiens. Posted by razib at 04:15 PM

Clades or Clines?

I don’t recall where I found this recent paper by David Serre and Svante Pääbo, so my apologies if it has already been linked to. Here’s the abstract: Evidence for Gradients of Human Genetic Diversity Within and Among ContinentsGenetic variation in humans is sometimes described as being discontinuous among continents or among groups of individuals, […]

Male brain ~ more sons vs. female brain ~ more daughters?

Doing some reading on the Trivers-Willard hypothesis I found this: Engineers have more sons, nurses have more daughters: an evolutionary psychological extension of Baron–Cohen’s extreme male brain theory of autism: In his extreme male brain theory of autism, Baron-Cohen postulates that having a typically male brain was adaptive for ancestral men and having a typically […]

Women Bloggers at Political Animal

Kevin Drum, after taking a shellacking for having the temerity to ask about the lack of influential women bloggers, has invited some female journalists to post on topics relevant to women bloggers. Talk about navel gazing. I’m not sure if Kevin’s offering of penance is a solitary burden that he’s bearing or if he’s shifted […]

Ray Kurzweil Interview

In Search of the Sixth Sense “In this expanded interview transcript, inventor Ray Kurzweil discusses birth, death, and the potential offered by non-biological thinking processes.” Posted by fly at 09:54 AM