British Army Music Video

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It seems that the lads in Iraq can find some free time to make an absolutely hilarious music video entitled “Is this the way to Armadillo?”

Click here to watch “Is this the way to Armadillo”

UPDATE: Here is the version done by Dutch troops stationed in Afghanistan. Here is the original version that the soldiers are spoofing. Here is the BBC story on how the demand for this video crashed military servers.


  1. Now that’s funny! Almost makes the reserves look worth it…

  2. Old classic! Those crazy Norwegians did their own video too: 

  3. Funny stuff. 
    Re “It seems that the lads in Iraq can find some free time . . . “, most of their time is free. 
    At least in the U.S. Army.  
    Lots of waiting around doing nothing. Its spurned a big demand for these little flat screen TVs sold in the PXs people attach to PS2′s, Xbox’s and the like.

  4. The title is: “Is This the Way to Amarillo

  5. Unless they intend a pun: “to harm a dillo”?

  6. No, Scott. I wrote the title correctly. Watch the video. Their title appears at the beginning. 
    Don’t listen to the lyrics – Amarillo – that’s only the title of the song. The soldiers’ video purposely used the word “Armadillo.”

  7. You nailed right on the head… military life is boring with some very, very extreme short periods of excitement. The rest of the time is why half my friends have at least 2 video game consoles.

  8. Wow… Thanks for posting this; it’s the first I’ve seen of this cool video. 
    I actually don’t know the background of the “Armadillo” vs. “Amarillo” thing… Pardon my ignorance. (No need to explain here… will probably know soon – the greatness of the www!)