Play with meiosis

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One of the main reasons this site is around is to make basic genetic knowledge a casual background feature of the data bases of people who would otherwise not know much about this important science (another reason, at least for me, is to dump a lot of historical and non-science data out there to a scientifically literate audience so they can better form models which influence their view of public policy). So in that spirit, check out Using Karyotypes to Predict Genetic Disorders (it has some neat interactive movies, though if you know genetics, don’t worry about it, but if you have been skipping the science posts for lack of a basic background, I advise you check out the link). Remember, to the first approximation it all starts out on basic Mendelian principles.


  1. You know, I’ve been to (and likely commented at) this weblog before… [I think I may have initially come across it via one of your bloggers’ article in an issue of The American Conservative…], but I don’t recall realizing, until now, that your blog’s title is perhaps actually indicative of a major concentration of this weblog’s theme and subject matter. That’s kind of surprising, considering that several major weblogs have seemingly-unusual names (“Little Green Footballs,” “Protein Wisdom,” “The Sppons Experience,” – though those names can be explained, as being representative of something), but those titles don’t topically reflect the blog’s subject matter focus. I don’t think I realized that this is one weblog where the title actually does do that – that your blog does focus on genetic and biological issues.

  2. yeah, i remember you commenting before. as for the title, well, strictly speaking we don’t really talk that much about molecular genetics…it is more a metaphor. but yeah, the core, the heart, of this weblog is genetics i would think. i did go check out ‘protein wisdom’ a couple of times because i am mildly interested in proteomics :)

  3. Different topic: 
    Jared Diamond has been criticized an awful lot on this site (for reasons I largely disagree with). This thread has the detail of attacks on him from the other side.

  4. (the criticism on the left is far less justified, indeed not reality-based).

  5. Cute link. 
    BTW, razib, Thanks for adding me to the blogroll. I feel honored. 
    And, pssst, it’s “proteomics” not “proteinomics”. I’m sure it’s just a typo on your part.

    And, pssst, it’s “proteomics” not “proteinomics”. I’m sure it’s just a typo on your part.
    yep. hurry…hurry ;)

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