Units of selection (and more)

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Elizabeth Lloyd, of the female orgasm controversy, has several interesting papers and book chapters available for download. I plan to read Units and Levels of Selection: An Anatomy of the Units of Selection Debates first.


  1. Razib: 
    That fetschrift for Lewontin has a number of other very interesting papers too (and some lousy ones too). 

  2. yeah, a mighty thick 600 pages :) but in any case, i’m cutting back on my “big picture” philosophical reading in biology right now for some more prosaic stuff. but i might read a few chapters in the library-it is pretty wide ranging in the chapters from what i can see.

  3. Razib: 
    Yeah, it’s 2 vols. There are many ‘philosophical’ papers in the book. But the ones I found interesting were, mostly, the (mainly) biological papers (although, I thought a couple of the ‘philosophical’ ones were also fairly interesting). 

  4. Interesting overview. Deals with those irritating semantic issues that need to be resolved before any coherent discussion can take place. 
    Three cheers for semantics!:-)