Must ask about Alexa….

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OK, first, check out the similar pages to GNXP over at Google. There are no great surprises, really popular blogs like Marginal Revolution show up, blogs we have a long-standing relationshp with, like Steve Sailer are also on the list, and topically related ones like Carl Zimmer make the cut. What I want to ask though is that for years our Alexa profile has shown that Dr. Weevil and the Greatest Jeneration as among the top 10 related links. Why??? I don’t think we’ve ever linked to those blogs (if it wasn’t for Alexa I would never have known about them), and I don’t think they link to us. I don’t even think that I have seen them linked to from the weblogs I do read (not many, but almost all of them are on the “similar links” page of Alexa and Google). I don’t really know what they’re about. So why is Alexa telling everyone that those blogs are similar to GNXP? This is been the case for the past 2 years (the time I’ve checked Alexa regularly). Are there very regular readers of those two blogs who have the Alexa toolbar and also read this blog?

Sorry, I had to get this out there, I’ve been wondering for a long time (some of the other “site info” for the blogs look really strange to me, look at what Instapundit readers are supposed to be checking out).


  1. What does Alexa measure? I get the impression that they have a very small sample size.

  2. well, millions of people have the alexa toolbar, supposedly. the toolbar tracks which sites you visit, etc. etc. if you have a small amount of traffic you can boost your ranking by encouraging your readers to get the toolbar. a few years back encouraged its readers to get alexa toolbars so that their visits would count more. if you compare the bear’s traffic ranking with alexa rankings (i just pop in website urls) they tend to go in the same rank order-so i don’t think this is THAT common. but, looking at some of the “related sites” of a few of the popular weblogs some seem to be gaming the system.

  3. My best guess would be that a lot of people who have permalinks to Weevil also have permalinks to you guys. I really don’t know how Alexia’s guts work though.

  4. I looked at Alexa for my blog, and while it’s not totally random, it does not reflect my stats very well at all. It gives me the impression that it’s based on one or two readers, which would translate to a few tens of readers for GNXP.