Chimp vs. human genomes

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A genome-wide survey of structural variation between human and chimpanzee:

Structural changes (deletions, insertions, and inversions) between human and chimpanzee genomes have likely had a significant impact on lineage-specific evolution because of their potential for dramatic and irreversible mutation…The events are distributed throughout the genome on all chromosomes but are highly correlated with sites of segmental duplication in human and chimpanzee. These structural variants encompass at least 24 Mb of DNA and overlap with >245 genes. Seventeen of these genes contain exons missing in the chimpanzee genomic sequence and also show a significant reduction in gene expression in chimpanzee. Compared with the pioneering work of Yunis, Prakash, Dutrillaux, and Lejeune, this analysis expands the number of potential rearrangements between chimpanzees and humans 50-fold. Furthermore, this work prioritizes regions for further finishing in the chimpanzee genome and provides a resource for interrogating functional differences between humans and chimpanzees.

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  1. Now that’s cool. 
    Though I have to say: ‘provides a resource for interrogating functional differences’? I thought only PoMo lit-crit folk used ‘interrogate’ this way, but clearly the usage is spreading…

  2. Go Huskies.

  3. Years ago a story circulated from the USSR about a human-chimp fetus that lasted into the 4th month of pregnancy. 
    A successful live birth of such a creature would be…um…interesting. 
    Perhaps as science advances this may happen in our lifetimes.