Ivory Cower

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The always enjoyable Victor Davis Hanson has a good piece in the online WSJ today talking about the out-of-control diversity problem on college campuses. Go read.


  1. That should give some of them apoplexy :-) 
    Of course, he lost the ball part way through when is started referring to Colorado’s Chancellor Denton. I thought we were told that she was at Santa Cruz.

  2. Things must be truly desperate if so odious a person as Woodrow Wilson can be held up as a fine example of character.

  3. Best quote, in my opinion: 
    “One of the reasons the people turned against affirmative action in the first place was that they tired of the preening of opportunistic senior white males, who adopted an après moi le deluge attitude toward the younger generation: remonstrating about the need for punitive hiring criteria that they almost certainly never applied to themselves.” 
    I hope this gets sent to every middle-aged white male professor who wants to enforce affirmative action on everyone else except him and his family. 
    On another note, I wonder what the racial makeup of CA is in the 18-22 age range. I’m guessing it’s less than 45% white and more than 11% Asian.

  4. “ 
    On another note, I wonder what the racial makeup of CA is in the 18-22 age range. I’m guessing it’s less than 45% white and more than 11% Asian.” 
    It must be. In the 0-5 age group even more pronouced, of course. The 60+ year group is probably overwhelmingly white.

  5. I don’t agree with this portion: 
    In the end, why should we care about a few high-flying administrators who feel that diversity is the engine that runs the university? Because the U.S. is struggling in an increasingly competitive world in which Europe, China, Japan and India vie for global talent and national advantage through merit-based higher education. They don’t care about the racial make-up of the teams that create breakthrough gene therapies or software programs, but only whether such innovations are valuable and superior to the competition. 
    IMO China and Japan do care about the ethnic/racial make-up of research teams. India probably less so. Europe being divided into ethnic/racial chauvanism mostly on a North/South basis. With countries like Holland, Finland and Ireland less chauvinistic, and France, Germany, Italy more so.

  6. Of course they care about the racial makeup of their tams. The Chinese are out to benefit China, which means racial Chinese. Period. As long as your Chinese blood is not tainted by miscegenation with non-Chinese, you can pretty much make aliyah to China at an time. We can expect many American-educated Chinese engineers, scientists and scholars to do so within the next two generations.

  7. More evidence that the traditional university is a dying institution.  
    Did you attend a live stage play last year? My guess is that you did see a movie. 
    New media replaces old media.  
    Since I put in my home theater system I haven’t gone to the movies much.  
    New media replaces old media. 
    I taught a lot of live classes in the last few years on a lot of different campuses. This year I’m developing a software architecture to support on-line classes.  
    New media replaces old media.