This is not cool

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Heat-balling wasps by honeybees. Science News has a detailed story about the phenomenon.

Update: Link fixed.


  1. That is cool (heh)

  2. I wonder how long it will take the Foreign bees to develop this ability, a good study for future generations.

  3. Seems like I read about a few years ago.

  4. Seems like I read about This a few years ago.

  5. The heat-balling phenomenon itself is not a new discovery; I also remember hearing about this years ago. The new/publishable stuff is on the differences between the strains of bees and also (if I remember the abstract right) the bees’ ability to calibrate their temperature increase to the right level for killing different types of wasps. 
    I was going to verify this second part by clicking the link again, but on a second attempt it takes me to a different abstract. Strange…

  6. I?d like to know the type of DNA changes that lead to such behavioral adaptation.

  7. I don’t get it. The first link seems to be to: 
    Nuptial feeding of spermless spermatophores in the Hawaiian swordtail cricket, Laupala pacifica (Gryllidae: Triginodiinae) 
    which seems to have nothing to do with bees.

  8. search in the site “bees heat” 
    it gives you several hits. 

  9. Hey, maybe we can make giant bees, then put them on a big cage over Alaska or Africa to change extreme temperatures.  
    Or we can make pets with the same characteristics… or maybe we can have it in our system…