Immigration conversation

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As a naturalized American citizen, I point you to Michael Blowhard’s immigration post.


  1. For those with a lot of time on their hands while working near a computer, I recommend you check out this recorded lecture from Berkeley by Robert Reich 
    (If that doesn’t work for some reason, just subscribe to the “University channel podcast”.) 
    skip the intro and the audience questions, but pay attention to the data and the discussion on implications. 
    Reich is arguing for a return to focus on progressive economic policies, but he could (IMHO) just as easily be arguing for a control on immigration. (or anything else that would control the supply of unskilled labor.) 
    also note that Reich appears in some of his thinking to be falling victim to the standard social science model of thinking about human nature. add the data from behavior genetics to this discussion and everything becomes much more dismal.

  2. Thanks for the link. Always fun to host a real brawl. But, more seriously, at least to contribute to getting an important topic talked about a little more openly …