Gotta luv those Irish genes…

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I feel terribly remiss at not having posted on this earlier (!) — but last month People magazine named Matthew McConaughey ‘2005′s Sexiest Man Alive.’ Can’t say that I see it myself — although the Southern charm is quite — charming. (Of course, if you can pull Penelope Cruz, you probably got a lot more going for you than just charm.)

Maybe there is something about those Irish genes after all…. ;-)

Update from Razib: Via Sitemeter I find out we are #1 for the Matthew McConaughey query on technorati (his name is hard to spell!).


  1. wtf!?!?! dude. at least itz not david hasselhoff.

  2. I couldn’t resist — a little eye-candy for the girls! ;-)

  3. well, i hope all 5 of you are happy :)

  4. at least itz not david hasselhoff 
    True — but consider — DH’s got all that musical talent goin’ for him… 
    McConaughey only plays the bongos from what I’ve heard. 

  5. well, i hope all 5 of you are happy 
    :)) :)) 
    Oh, and of course for all of the bi-curious guys around here….

  6. McConaughey’s Irish? I thought that with the name, the good looks, and the intelligence that he had to be Scottish.  
    Oh, well, ;)

  7. I’m not bi-curious  
    (not that there’s anything wrong with that),  
    but I am curious about what women find attractive.  
    I consider both of these pictures to be quite tasteful.  
    They are just faces of good-looking people.  
    Most appropriate for a site like GNXP. 
    Good genes.

  8. …that he had to be Scottish 
    Ha! :p 
    (Well, I’m only going by IMDB — I’m assuming the trivia info there is reliable….)

  9. Incidently, I know I’m not the only guy who simply can’t really tell if a man is good looking or not. 
    To me men are like trees. They’re part of the environment and you have to walk around them. But when you see them in the landscape they just don’t register all that much.  
    If I walk down a city street, I truly only see the women. I only notice men if they are threatening. You know, like a bunch of young guys pushing or yelling.

  10. According to this site : 
    he might be a Sorley Boy (Sommerled’s) 
    Conachy rare: Louth. Ir. Mac Dhonnchaidh. Also as Conkey. This is the Scottish Clann Donnchaidh, who later became Robertson. The personal name Donnchadh was common amongst both Irish and Scots, being anglicised Duncan there. SS.  
    Conaghy Very rare: Drogheda. See Conachy.  
    Conkey rare: Belfast etc. See Conachy.  
    MacConachie rare: Antrim. Ir. Mac Dhonnchaidh, Donnchadh, brown lord. Scottish: Clann Donnchaidh is the old title of the Robertson clan. SS.  
    MacConaghie numerous: Antrim-Down etc. See Mac Conachie.  
    MacConkey numerous: Belfast, Cavan-Monaghan-Louth, Dublin. See Mac Conachie.  
    MacConnachie rare: Antrim etc. See Mac Conachie.

  11. razib, there may be six of us if you count me :) 
    Nice photo, indeed.

  12. Well I’m not surprized that he can pull Penelope Cruz, you know what they say about the Black Irish, right ;)

  13. I was bi-curious for a bit (kissed a guy, didn’t do it for me), but I admit I can’t tell what girls find attractive either. But I will say that McConaughey needs a good shave in that picture. His face is just masculine enough to pull it off, but he’s really more of a pretty boy (if you google image search him, for example). The stubble just looks out of place on him. However, he did a great job by getting a tan and darkening & defining the shape of his hair — remember when he looked like this? 
    See guys, if you go “dark,” you can woo women!

  14. If we’re talking Irish genes / jeans, let’s go with Colin Farrell 
    PS Death to the Corrs

  15. PSS French & Saunders do a great parody of the Corrs, with the irrepressible Dawn French playing all three sisters: 
    “We started with four, 
    But now there’s more, 
    A hundred more sisters to add to the Corrs, 
    We love the sound of our female groaning, 
    We’re the pretty face of cloning…”

  16. Irish gene = small shween

  17. Maybe Razib needs to update that post about penis size. BTW, despite rumors his enormous talent, Farrell says he’s smaller than Ewan McGregor

  18. According to this site : 
    he might be a Sorley Boy
    Ah, well — there you go. So much for IMDB’s reliability as far as genealogy goes! 
    ‘Sorley Boy MacDonnell’ >>

  19. McConaughey’s sort of degenerate appearance may speak of “irish genes” but certainly not quality ones. That appearance of his only stiffens my curiosity about how he’d score on a Wechsler. The results would pretty much say what his SES would be had he not had the good fortune he did. My guess is that he’d be quite fortunate to come within two-and-a half to three SD’s of the general range of ability operating here at this site. Any rumors of his IQ yet?

  20. Rietzche, 
    Considering that he was intelligent enough to not only be accepted at a University but to actually graduate (OK, his degree was in film production which he changed from pre-law) I’d peg his intelligence between 110-125. Certainly not the level of GNXP posters but well within a SD or two. 
    What I am saying is, I think he is intelligent, just not amazingly so.

  21. scottm, thanks for the info. 
    Going, though, by that look of his, i’d never have guessed it.

  22. Farrell and McGregor are the exceptions. A few famous shweens does not a nation make.

  23. Scott M, I’d peg his intelligence between 110-125. Certainly not the level of GNXP posters but well within a SD or two. 
    What I am saying is, I think he is intelligent, just not amazingly so.
    All that and humble too. How do you do it?! ;-)