10 days to X-mas

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Just a reminder, with 10 days to x-mas/hanukkah, note that if you buy any books (to the right) via this website, or search for books via this site, we get a kick back. This also counts if you go into amazon via a session started through a click-through from this site.


  1. So what ten books do you want for Christmas?

  2. i’m behind on reading books :) so i haven’t even thought of that!

  3. I wont buy and read evolution books yet until a supreme commander tells me its alright to believe in evolution.

  4. Hear ye, hear ye! 
    For it is I your Supreme Commander (aka Supernatural Agent aka God) who speaketh. 
    Behold evolution, it is good. 
    Ye shall believe henceforth!

  5. Ever feel you’re in a Temple around collection time? The roof for some reason needs to get fixed every year.

  6. ::: cough ::: 
    do i have to do the biopiracy MYSELF?

  7. Razib, stumbled across your name surfing for analysis of various DNA projects & read your articles on Wells & the NG Genographic Project. 
    I like your ideas and how you lay them out but can’t find anything about you & and your qualifications. Is that deliberate? 
    Anyway, what I am really was hoping to find is scientific evaluations of the Sorenson DNA project (http://smgf.org/). . . the publicity is all very cuddly, but I end up with more questions than answers after reading through it all. 
    Any suggestions. 

  8. I like your ideas and how you lay them out but can’t find anything about you & and your qualifications 
    Do the ideas not stand by themselves?

  9. I did my duty with a couple of the History Books Worth Reading.

  10. “Do the ideas not stand by themselves?” 
    Sure . . . if my goal was simply to read, enjoy and learn something more along the way. Likewise, if I knew enough about the topic to have a reasonably informed opinion. I don’t.

  11. cynic, i have an undergrad degree in science, but no postgrad degrees. i do read a fair number of pop genetics textbooks though.

  12. Cynic, 
    Razib is our supreme commander.