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Robert Skipper, philosophy & biology weblog

Technorati suggests that there aren’t too many inbound links to Robert Skipper’s weblog. There should be. His most recent post is Solving Lewontin’s “Paradox of Variation”.

A call out for evolution & genetics raps

I’d like to give a shout out and request submissions for evolution & genetics related raps. Yo, you heard that right. Raps. Something that is redolent of “Lazy Sunday,” I’m not looking for hard-core mimics of West coast thuggin’ style. Incorporations of R.A. Fisher, Chuck D. (Charles Darwin) and W.D. Hamilton into the lyrics would […]

Birth of the Blonde

Today’s London Sunday Times has an article here about a forthcoming theory on the evolution of blondeness in Northern Europe. The theory is that blondeness become common around the end of the last Ice Age as a result of strong sexual selection on females. Food was short and men had to go on long arduous […]

A strange new respect

Just thought this tidbit from The Corner, by Tom Bethell* was interesting: “Incidentally, this criticism, that Darwinism amounts to the retelling of Just-So Stories, was brilliantly made in the 1970s by Richard Lewontin of Harvard, now emeritus.” *The author of “The politically incorrect guide to science” PS.Sweden just won the Olympic Hockey Gold!!!! Whohoooooo! :P […]

Genius germs?

I began this series at my other blog before I became a poster here. You could read this on its own, but the first four parts — I here, II here, III here, IV here — provide the necessary background (esp. part I, first 3 paragraphs of part II, and part III, all of which […]


Michael J. Totten has an interesting piece where he interviews the religious leader of the Yezidis. I read a book on the Yezidis in college…and their “history” is difficult to untangle. If I had to bet I would contend that their assertion of the being the ur-religion of the Kurds is a rather late invention. […]

So where the bloody hell are you?

The Australian Tourism Board has a new commercial out titled So where the bloody hell are you? At the link provided you have options to view the video, but, as a test I invite you to select the windows media or quicktime (not the “play” button) video and place the screen in the background so […]

Functionally complex

Theological Incorrectness by Jason Slone is a pretty slim and insubstantial book, but, it has a great chapter that comes close to parodying the “discourse” in modern cultural anthropology. I am interested in anthropology and comparisons between cultures. Myself, I personally span two cultures,1 and feel somewhat an alien in both. Because of my perspective […]

Shia, Sunni and other states of mind….

Over the past day the query Shiite vs. Sunni in google has sent us a swarm of traffic, for obvious reasons. Religious taxonomy is a nasty thing. Godless Capitalist once expressed the opinion that trying to figure out the stamp collections of religous sects was as worthwhile as comic book systematics…the only problem of course […]

“Black” and “white” twins

Update: More comments here, here and here. End update Desidancer and Diana both pointed me to this story about a mixed race couple who gave birth to daughters of very different phenotypes. The explanation in the story is about right, the loci which give you a gestalt impression of racial identity are a tiny sample […]

The Evolution of Co-operation: the Santos Model

The existence of cooperation is one of the major problems in human evolution. Among non-human animals, cooperation is rare except among individuals who are closely related. Among humans, in contrast, it is common. The problem is to explain this in view of the temptation to ‘defect’ from cooperation, obtaining its benefits without its costs. The […]

The alpha of the pack once again!

One of the things that really, really, sucks about the “ID vs. Evolution” “controversy” is how much oxygen it can suck out of the air which could be devoted to shiznit like this, Structural variation in the human genome, Nature Reviews Genetics. One of the unfortunate (or fortunate depending on how you view it) rules […]

Open thread on “the good life”

What is the good life for you?

Over @ Science Blogs

The nature of religion and Breaking the Spell, The story of symbolic algebra and The society of science.

Book review in Science and Spirit

I have a review of Nick Wade’s Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors coming out in the May/June issue of Science & Spirit magazine. Wade’s book covered the intersection of genetics and human evolution, so it was a quick and interesting read.

Trading races

FX has a new show about two families switching races. Check out the before and after pictures though…. From black dad, to 70′s porn star? From black mom, to Tisha Campbell? From black kid, to Filipino? From white dad to dark-skinned Egyptian? From white mom to a 70′s muppet? From a white kid to a […]

Evil creeps into CNN

Control-f “godless capitalist” going through this CNN Reliable Sources transcript. Glenn commented on this back then too.

Doing the experiment

Over at The American Scene Ross Douthat offers his commentary on Daniel Dennett’s new book. He states: …fortified by the dubious insights of evolutionary psychology, on the efforts of earlier debunkers like Sigmund Freud and H.G. Wells…. I’m a bit frustrated by this. Over on my other weblog one reader offered a chesnut of wisdom […]

Measuring Autistic IQ

ScienceNOW Daily News has an article on The Case of Mistaken IQ: Health workers routinely assess autistics using a standard IQ test known as the Wechsler test. But this test requires that children understand oral commands, a trait that many autistic children have trouble with. Cognitive neuroscientist Laurent Mottron of the Hopital Riviere-des-Prairies, Montreal and […]

Lawrence Summers Resigns

If this isn’t the sign of the zenith of the Age of Leftist Creationism it’s hard to imagine what else would qualify. Summers faced continuing skirmishes with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and has chosen to resign his post as President of Harvard. Here is his letter of resignation. Related: Much ado about women […]