A call out for evolution & genetics raps

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I’d like to give a shout out and request submissions for evolution & genetics related raps. Yo, you heard that right. Raps. Something that is redolent of “Lazy Sunday,” I’m not looking for hard-core mimics of West coast thuggin’ style. Incorporations of R.A. Fisher, Chuck D. (Charles Darwin) and W.D. Hamilton into the lyrics would be good. Doing some conversions like, “I’m going to smack your ass,” to “I’m going to stat your ass” would be cool too. Get into a mindset of genomicists and statistical geneticists unintimidated by artful integrations of physical scientists. Not frontin’ or trippin,’ but calling out for respect.1 Remember, evolution and genetics is in the end all about “playin.”

Keep them short and sweet, and post them into the comments box. I’ll take the best ones and repost them (with attribution if offered) on this and my other blog. Evangelicals have their “praise music,” the evo-thugs need to represent!

Thanks ahead to all participants.

1 – Please keep intimations of gang-land style violence subtle and to a minimum. I’m look for a “positive” but hip face for evolution and genetics lyrics.


  1. I’m no lyricist, so I’m not even going to try. But have you ever heard of MCHawking? 
    Pro-evolution, mixed with horrendous gansta violence and language. Worth a look, but not for the feint of heart.

  2. There’s always Deltron 3030, 
    (upgrade your gray matter, cause one day it may matter) 
    Admittedly a bit of a loose fit. When I heard words like that from rap, suddenly it wasn’t so offensive any more.

  3. OHFG, Razib is actually Reihan Salam!

  4. please…the only good rap is gangsta. why would you limit yourself to the less-successful meme which is happy rap?

  5. dude! i am going to finish my album this month and i will send you a copy.. 
    “listen to the new science sounds that i be fatherin / a hox gene positioning your body what we modellin / knowledging cats flawlessly is my policy / i radiate strong better check the oncology / my styles be immortal like a cancer cell / tried to told you coffee mug brings it hot without fail / i’m comin from a little bit beyond the pale / got you so amped that you ran out of the bottom of the gel” 
    “refuse to reliquish my purview i’ll attack with the synapse synopsis / syntax hip hop shit / wnt ras and fos mixed with / whips raps and flossin.. are you with that? no? / timid cats need to get wit it fast / dendritic shafts and boutons meet / in the hospitals endemic staph resist antibiotiques / some of yall sycophants been cheerin for the wrong team / need to wake up and have a fresh cup of coffee nah’ mean?” 
    “the thesis is that if i drop enough science i could make you think twice about the superstitious bullshit your buyin. its the thesis baby.. coffee mug rhymes are the cleanest baby.. the thesis is that it’s bound to end unluckily for risk-prone cats that light up NaCC’s and try to fuck with me. it’s the thesis baby.. i’m the voltaire for your leibniz baby..” 
    “do we need more babies in the world? nope. what we need’s dopamine seeds folks for PD and we close but no cheese. mentally equipped can’t even work in italy. time for the new holy trinity, Dobson. DNA, RNA, protein dogma. but I hate to bog ya down in the way it works. you can keep ya head stuck up in the paydirt till ya got shit left in your Nucleus Meynert” 
    sorry if i’m too exuberant.. this has been my whole thing for like 2 or 3 yrs now.. i’ve got verses and verses of this shit..

  6. oh and here’s a few lines that this crowd might enjoy specifically.. from a song “get hot”… 
    “and there’s a 50% chance i’m attracted to ya sister / if you cute, cos your share about half of ya genes with her / now stop playin’ yourself like case studies by Bob Trivers / if i’m stimulatin afferent nerves and make you shiver say.. “i’m so hot” (sample from Frank Zappa movie, “Uncle Meat”)”

  7. Wow mccm, I thought I was the only one who wrote raps about science. I have two posted on my personal website (http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~arosko/, not my Libertarian Scientist blog that I have listed as my homepage). I haven’t been writing anything since my freshman year of college, though, and my raps are no where near as amazing as yours. You should really write an album, maybe even get some others to battle with you. 
    By the way, your blog is really neat. You should check out mine too, I have a list of the top protein structures of 2005, for instance.

  8. nice guyz. let’s see if anyone else steps up.

  9. A G G G C T T/G T G T A T G/G C G C A A T/ A A T T G T C/yo’mama!

  10. Aziz wins.

  11. The high IQ/the best, yo 
    they’ve got tha merit/others dont, though…. 
    Envious sons… …..etc etc.. 

    … ..ok, so i suck at this. Putting bars together is hard, but putting them into a sci/evo/bio context seems unmotivatingly difficult to me. I guess someone here would be capable of pulling it off, though. I would imagine you could really do some damage if you came from some dark, toughminded Darwinistic angle. 
    By the way, can any of you GNXP emcees freestyle battle(w/bio raps of course) with some competence(be the Nas of evo flows), lol.  
    nice bars, mccm

  12. aw man. i was hopin to see some other angles.. surely there are other science rappers out there.. i know there are geekstas, but they are all computer science..  
    i’m still skeptical about whether people actually actually freestyle.. i kind of think it might be more like having a huge catalog of words that rhyme in your head and putting them together on the fly.. i don’t have enough biology words rhymed to do that yet, so when i try, i fail, or end up in stereotyped hip hop rhymes about bitches and whatnot, and also cos i’m white i don’t get to use the n-word as filler which a lot of emcees do..  
    by the way, seems like professional hiphop verses almost always line up to 16 bars, so that’s what i write to.. in that spirit (and in the spirit of reppin genetics and being a genetics thug) i will give you one full 16 and the chorus from this song “get that” that is in the can.. 
    “Get that rep / representin straight geneticists set / initiation steps like f-Met / and don’t you tell me not to FRET / i need to check the connect / see who’s really in this complex with me / infectiously / in your mind the best is me / no need to waste your time on other emcees outside rap masters clique / we talk about some different subject matter kid / this is all gene chips and scatter grids / by now you gotta know what the pattern is / it all comes back to me bein the dopest / don’t even try to come close, you out of focus / everybody wanna act like they know us / but these hopeless remoras / is out in the cold with no solace / that’s how we roll this shit out / take the money and the clout…..i’mma get that / program project / a damn spaceship one rocket / money is not an object / NIH’s newest hottest prospect / technologic-al / i’mma get that / BLAST cluster i’mma make it fuckin smoke / i’mma get a two-photon laser scannin microscope / i’mma get all up up in ya grill real close / and i’mma spit rap flows / i’mma get that get that”

  13. I don’t have the right nature or nurture for this. 
    Like Damocles’ fate with a sword above a head / All life on earth hangs on a thread; / No, hold there, homies: it’s better to say / On mother-fucking mirror-strands of DNA. / Your brain is built of chemicals: it’s not obscene / 
    To trace its deepest functions to the nano-machine, / The spiral that’s viral, that spins in the dark, / That separates the slime-mold from the Great White Shark. / Nurture over nature? Folk have been flat fooled /  
    By the gasbag oratory of matrifutuent S.J. Gould. / More and more we’ll see that he spoke straight crap: / 
    It’s genes divide the conmen from the true Hom. sap.

  14. It’d be nice if they were written to the melody of well known rap songs to help us through the rhythm. I’m writing one now to the tune of Dr Dre & Snoop’s “Ain’t nothin’ but a G thang” — “Ain’t nothin’ but a Gene thang.” ;)

  15. Matt: and that was only after one iteration. Just wait till I write a few more, then let them breed sexually.

  16. Sorry, I think this is a cargo cult, ergo: evangelicals have music; evangelicals have millions of adherents. If we get music, we will also get millions of adherents. 
    I predict that, regardless of the quality/quantity of your rap, this approach will be unsuccessful. 
    Good luck, though.

  17. wow, this is so cool. 
    i just got back, so you all must await my submission. 
    but i’m wid mccm, i don’ do rap, i’m strictly a b-grrl, a hiphop head. ;) 
    mebbe mccm and i could freestyle later–razib you could hook us up. 
    agnostic has the base idea, i think we can freestyle by just substituting evo-bio for a popular tune, like Nelly’s “Grills” becomes “Genes”. 
    Spawn for me baby. ;)

  18. and just a word of advice– all the efforts here could use a LOT more sex. kinda like, “a lady in the street an a freak in the sheets” stuff.

  19. i have a hard time talking about ladies that way without feeling like a total dorkass.. i could get all vulgar and explicit but i really am not okay with callin people bitches and hoes and whatnot.. two of the major failings of hiphop are the outright misogyny and gay-bashing.. it doesn’t stop me from liking certain rappers.. especially Ol’ dirty bastard, but i’m not gonna do it myself.. 
    for a more romantic take on the ladies jam issue, take a listen to “science love” on my myspace page.. 
    i might avoid the other songs though, cos they are kind of a little older and dumber.. i had just got done reading “the culture of make believe” when i wrote “statistics” and i was on a rather silly liberal tear..

  20. callin people bitches and hoes and whatnot 
    lol, thass jus’ eminem. nobody buys him anymore, or if they do, it’s just for natedog. 
    mostly fitty and chamillionaire and nelly calls us XX shorty. i see i’m gonna hafta write a post on why the grrlies love the hiphop, even if it does “objectify” us. 
    i’ve never heard any gay-bashing– refs? 
    i like this from fitty, 21 questions– 
    “i love you like a fat kid loves cake” 
    hiphop artists are at least half XX, too. 
    mariah, missy, beyonce & destiny’s child, mia, blacque, rhianna, tamia, brooke valentine, etc.

  21. mostly the women in hip hop are r&b chicks.. not so much rappers.. missy being a notable exception.. 
    every rapper. even the most “progressive” use gay and faggot as insults.. it was a big deal when Common and Kanye recently made some concessions on that account.. and some guy recently made a documentary about machismo in the rap game..  
    “…asked rapper Busta Rhymes to explain the link between machismo and homoeroticism in hip-hop. Rhymes was so unwilling to go there he got up and walked out of the room.” 
    “Call your bluff, y’all faggots don’t want no beef, grind your teeth and just roll with it, don’t risk it, fuck around and be a statistic.” -Ghostface Killah on “Biscuits” 
    “You fag – you couldn’t pull one drag off my blunt. You couldn’t punch your way out of a wet paper bag” -RZA on “It’s Yourz” 
    “N*s ain’t hatin you, they ain’t payin you on attention. In a circle of faggots, your name is mentioned.” – Common on “Dooinit” 
    “So fuck all you faggot who believe in hip hop. y’all gonna drop like the cop i’mma kill in the parkin’ lot” -Dr. Dre on “No Second Chance” 
    “Closet homosexuals is runnin this rap shit. Fuck yall… we run the world” – Mos Def on “The Rape Over” 
    and eminem is the worst “I’m not homophobic.. you’re just heterophobic” 
    It’s bad and its prevalent.. so irritating to be groovin with a song and run into that bullshit..

  22. well, eminem sux, we already went there. 
    i don’t listen to kanye if i can help it, an’ really, i’m jus’ a hiphop head. i don’t listen to anything unless it has that thuggish bassline. 
    i jus want to dance. ;) 
    those oldskool angryrappers don’t do it for me.

  23. Here’s two verses of science rap that I wrote, in an attempt to rival mccm’s lyrics. I know this thread is old, but I haven’t gotten around to writing anything until now. I may also post something on my own blog. Keep in mind that this is not supposed to be a full track, just a fragment. 
    “I may not rule the streets like the baddest of rappers/ but what makes me unique’s how I analyze patterns/ dynamical atoms rotate in my head/ as I’m walking on paths/ even laying in bed/ graphical networks, far too many to list/ you rappers most often don’t know exist/ channels, receptors, feedback through connections/ these raps can’t project the depth flat on a mental plane/ maybe that’s why my flow seems to stretch out your brain 
    These thoughts I try to convey/ with these rhymes that I say/ trapped in kinase cascades/ deep inside of your brains/ making memory traces/ embedded for days and/ filling you up ’till your head can’t retain them/ MCs better make sure to remember my name/ cause they’ll all come to know I’m the best at the game”