Robert Skipper, philosophy & biology weblog

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Technorati suggests that there aren’t too many inbound links to Robert Skipper’s weblog. There should be. His most recent post is Solving Lewontin’s “Paradox of Variation”.


  1. Thanks heaps for plug!

  2. I couldn’t follow his discussion of “evolutionary drift” vs. “evolutionary draft.” Could you take a shot at explaining it some time?

  3. Bookmarked.

  4. I didn’t fully understand it either, but I think the basic idea is that a gene which is itself neutral can act as if it’s under selection if it’s pretty close on a chromasome to a gene that is under selection. 
    It seems to me that this would only work when a beneficial mutation show up; the alleles of nearby genes get an undeserved frequency boost, and competing alleles might disappear entirely. But a harmful mutation should never become common in the first place.