“Muslim Madonna”

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CNN has a short feature on the “Muslim Madonna,” Deeyah, you can see the video here.

Addendum: There is a controversy about the veracity of this young woman’s claims. Prior facts are important here in judging the likelihood of various scenarios. My own view is that this is self-promotion leveraging upon some real background issues.


  1. I know brown doesn’t do much for you. However, just out of curiosity, Razib, does this chick Deeyah do anything for you?

  2. no.

  3. Jesus Christ. She’s like a Persian Penelope Cruz! Those half-moon eyelids… :p~~~~ Hard as it is to believe, I understand you not being into her. East Asian girls don’t catch my attention, even ones that other guys salivate over — gotta diversify the gene pool. :) 
    Her situation is probably a mix of self-promotion & truth, like Sinead O’Connor, I’d guess. As an aside, I know I sound like an old geezer, but I wish young, pretty, talented girls like her sang more songs like “Phool tumhe bheja hai khat mein.” Admittedly I haven’t heard all of Deeyah’s stuff, so hopefully she at least incorporates all that good old stuff into the more hip-hoppy stuff.

  4. She interviews like a hip, educated Norwegian girl.

  5. Looks like she needs a rhinoplasty. That is some beak. 
    And maybe that would help her voice, which also sucks. 
    I’m not shallow. But anyway, what was this story about?

  6. Razib is a sick puppy.

  7. I think she’s hot. There are some very beautiful women in the Middle East.

  8. Arcane wrote 
    I think she’s hot. There are some very beautiful women in the Middle East. 
    She’s from the middle-east? With a name like Deepika? And singing in Urdu? I’ve never known an Arab pop-tart to sing in anything other than Arabic. I expect she’s South Asian — probably Punjabi or Pathan. 
    But there are plenty of hot Arab pop-tarts. More like Jessica Simpson or Brittany Spears than Madonna — a lot of titillation, but always with a fake innocence.

  9. A little lewdly fake innocence sometimes brightens up my day. Enhanced by exotic skincolor, a cute tummy, and half-moon eyelids? Bliss.